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The differences between hand-blown and machine-blown process in glassware production

Pulished on Jan. 14, 2022

Blowing is a very important process in glass products. Compared with pressing, the price of blown products is higher and the quality is better. Blowing is generally divided into machine blowing and manual blowing. This article mainly introduces the difference between manual blowing and machine blowing. 

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1.  The difference in appearance: 

Machine blown products-what we see on the market are basically all clear material (transparent) products, with a single shape, less style, bulky products, poor flow linearity, too stiff at the joint between the cap and the bottom, but good consistency in product dimensions and specifications. there are no bubbles and water ripples, and the firmness is poor. 

Manually blown products-transparent materials supplemented by a variety of decoration, many changes in shape, rich colors and styles, lighter products, good linearity of products, obviously reveal a sense of beauty, product design can closely follow the fashion trend of market consumption, can give consumers more choices, can largely meet personalized consumption propositions, bubbles, and ripples, good firmness. 

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2. Differences in production processes: 

Machine blew products-machine production line, the output is relatively high, usually, a medium production line can reach tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of daily production, but without any human skills. 

The hand-blown products-each each production process of each product is completed manually, the output is low, usually, the daily output of each production team is hundreds, but each product contains the unique craftsmanship and meticulous craftsmanship of craftsmen. For some products with novel shapes, they can only be blown manually. 

3. The difference in value: 

Machine blew products-lower value, more to meet the use of consumer functions, lack of ornamental. It can be found in restaurants and supermarkets. 

Hand-blown products-high value, in addition to the basic functions, in the use of the process, added a lot of pride, elegance, special interest in life. Hand-blown products often appear as gifts. 

4.  market differences: 

Machine blown products-mainly for hotels, hotels, and other mass consumption occasions, low prices, rarely enter household consumption. It generally sells well in all markets. 

Hand-blown products-mainly for family consumption, especially by groups who widely pursue personalized consumption and fashion consumption. Often appear as gifts in a variety of high-end consumer markets. 

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Manual blowing is an ancient process, in which the melting liquid is picked up and blown into small bubbles through a hollow tube, and then the cannon is hung up and blown and put into the mold rotary blowing molding. 

Handmade products have natural radians and soft transitions, and the surface is natural and delicate, which can not be achieved by machine assembly line production, and the manual value is higher than the mechanism. 

Glass in the hands of craftsmen, becomes extremely smart and full of personality, it is this personalized publicity and expression, so that glass is no longer a cold luxury, it expresses your personality, your taste, you are different.