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Which material of the baking ware will you choose? Any difference?

Pulished on Sep. 27, 2019

With the development of production technology, the same thing can be made of a different kind of material. Then what’s the most important thing about these products will you consider? In my opinion, the health of these products is the most import. Because it needs to be heated during cooking. The poisons will be release through high temperature. But you should consider that if it can transform heat well if it is easy to release if it is good to release. So please follow me to know some difference between the different baking tray.

Is there any difference of the baking dish shape?

We will see the round and rectangular or square baking dish. 

The round baking dish can be heated evenly. The curvature of the 4 corners is larger, it can be heated faster. So the corner will be burnt. It does not look nice sometimes. And some effect of the taste too. By the way, if you want to make different food at the same time, two or more baking dish will be better.

What is the material of the baking dish?

Silicone bakeware

The silicone baking dish is colorful, easy to be clean which make it a most popular pattern in the market. But there is silicone oil which is bad for health will be release when heating. It can not withstand high temperature.

Glass bakeware

It is made of borosilicate glass which can withstand 420-degree temperature and easy clean, but a little bit heavy. Choose a high-quality brand, there is no heavy metal in the glass.

Ceramic bakeware

Ceramic bakeware is quite similar to the glass bakeware and can withstand 800degree. But it will release heavy mental when heating too much with high temperature.

Aluminum alloy bakeware

It is light, easy to clean with good heat conductivity. One of the practical baking ware. But watch out the al which will be related to Alzheimer.

Carbon steel bakeware

It is as good as the AL+Alloy bakeware, but the heat transfer is poor than it. Otherwise no Al to cause healthy problem.

How do you choose the bakeware is up to you. The heat can change most of the physical property. You can control the temperature while baking.