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Why are there so many types of glasses?

Pulished on Jan. 31, 2019

Wine utensils are closely related to wine culture. Nowadays, drinkers also pay great attention to the choice of wine cups. They pay attention to what kind of wine to match with what kind of cups. This has formed a basic common sense. Therefore, there are so many shapes of glasses, and there are many different kinds of appellations, such as champagne cups, beer cups, Margaret cups, and mouth cups. 

Today we're going to learn about the classification of common glasses.

【Red Wine Cup】

Red wine cup is more round and wide, upper body is deeper than white wine cup. There have stemware with it. It is mainly used for carrying red wine and cocktails. The main materials of red wine glasses are crystal and glass. The aroma and taste of the glass and crystal glasses will be slightly different. The main reason is that the surface roughness of the two glasses is different.

【Champagne Cup】

It refers to the glass specially used for drinking champagne. It is a kind of tall glass. There are tulip flower shape and flute shape and shallow dish Champagne Cup three types.

【Beer Cup】

Beer cup refers to the glass mainly used for drinking beer.

【Cocktail Cup】

Cocktail cups literally have two meanings. First, they are used to hold cocktail glasses. Second, they are called "cocktail glasses".

【Whisky Cup】

Whisky glasses refer to glasses specially used for drinking whiskey. Whisky glasses are usually flat-bottomed glasses. The glasses are usually bulky. They can also be said to have a feel. Most of them are common cylinders and squares shapes with thick bottom. The height is usually between 10 cm and 12 cm. The capacity of the common whiskey glasses is about 100 to 200 ml.