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Why do customers prefer to choose Garbo brand's baking dish for home oven use?

Pulished on Aug. 05, 2022

Glass bowls can be used in the oven, but it should be noted that not every kind of glass bowl can be used in the oven. There are mainly three kinds of glass on the market, which are ordinary glass, tempered glass, and heat-resistant glass, of which only heat-resistant glass can be used in the oven. 

Heat-resistant glass refers to the special glass which can withstand the temperature difference of cold and hot fusion, its safety factor is high, and the self-explosion phenomenon similar to toughened glass will not occur. The coefficient of thermal expansion of heat-resistant glass is small, the range of sharp temperature change is large (≥ 120C), and the highest temperature of heat resistance is 1200 ℃. The temperature range of the oven can generally reach about 300 ℃, which is completely within the bearing range of the heat-resistant glass, so the heat-resistant glass can be used in the oven. As for ordinary glass, tempered glass can not be used in the oven, there will be the risk of explosion, especially tempered glass. 

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How to judge whether the glass bowl can go into the oven? 

Generally speaking, the containers that can be used in the oven are mainly metal materials with good heat transfer effect, such as enamel bowls, enamel plates, metal grills, stainless steel plates, etc., while porcelain bowls can also be put in principle, but because of their slow heat transfer, the cooked food is easy to be half-cooked. As for glass bowls, not all glass bowls can go into the oven, so how do judge whether glass bowls can go into the oven? 

1. If the glass bowl is heat-resistant glass, then you can put it directly into the oven. Generally, the bottom of the glass bowl will standard its heat-resistant upper and lower line, so if the highest temperature it can withstand is higher than the highest temperature of the oven, it is best to put it in the oven. 

2. If you do not know the properties of the glass bowl, especially if its label has been lost, do not blindly put the glass bowl in the oven, because the possibility of the explosion will occur. 

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What kind of glass bowl can be put into the oven? the heat-resistant glass bowl can be put into the oven. 

1. Heat-resistant glass bowls can be used not only in ovens but also in microwave ovens, hot water disinfection equipment, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other household appliances. 

2. Heat-resistant glass can withstand the temperature difference of cold-thermal fusion and has excellent properties such as low expansion, thermal shock resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, and so on. 

3. Heat-resistant glass can withstand a very high temperature, its highest temperature is up to 1200 ℃, its coefficient of thermal expansion is small, and it can withstand a very sharp temperature range (≥ 120C), so it is very suitable for the use of ovens. 

The baking tray of Garbo Glass will undergo a strict heat resistance test and temperature difference test during production, so it can definitely be used in the oven. Choose Garbo Glass, we will provide you with the most reassuring service and the most favorable price.

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