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Why do you need a wine decanter?

Pulished on Nov. 05, 2021

Nowadays, drinking red wine on the table in China has developed a sobering habit. it is necessary to release the aroma of the wine before drinking.

Release the aroma of the wine is very important for people who drink red wine, there is a completely different taste if the aroma of the wine is released.

To drink the wine without arousing the aroma, the liquor is blocked, the tannins are firm, and the aroma is closed. This feeling is like talking to a person who hasn't woken up yet, looking at the other person's sleepy eyes, it will be very uncomfortable and lose the desire to communicate.

And the red wine that wakes up to the right benefits which taste delicate and smooth with a strong aroma, like smooth melted chocolate in the mouth, the softness of touching the silk.

This is the scientific explanation.

Under the action of oxygen, the large particles inside the red wine begin to crack and become active, the tannins change from firmness to softness, and the aroma (flavor substance) changes from closed to open.

To wake up the red wine at a proper time will help you enjoy the red wine well. But remember it will not take a long time.

Another function to sober the wine up is to filter residue.

There is some sediment in the wine that was kept for more than ten or twenty years which is a normal phenomenon because some colloids, tartaric acid, and other substances in red wine will clump into lumps and form water-insoluble crystals that sink to the bottom of the wine bottle. 

These old red wines with sediments are usually very expensive but pour these wines directly into the wine glass and it will be disastrous! Some friends who don’t know about wine thought you would pour them bad wine to drink!

So it is very neccessory to have a wine decanter.It can help to release the aroma of the red wine so well, and there is different choices in Garbo glassware. Some traditional items, the others creative items. Welcome to know more details.