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Why does beer only be packed in glass bottle?

Pulished on Dec. 12, 2019

Glass is already a very common product in our real life. In fact, the glass raw materials are all similar, but different production processes or improved properties can make glass have different uses, which greatly facilitates people's lives. Improve quality of life through glass. Better glassware better life. In this article, we will introduce why beer is only packaged in glass bottles, and why not other materials? Let's see.

Why does beer only packed in glass bottle?cid=3

1) What is unique about glass bottles? Why only use glass bottles for beer?

Glass bottles are relatively easy to make improvements, and with a few other ingredients, glass bottles can have different properties.

The glass bottle has good sealing performance and can achieve the effect of two-way isolation. For beer in glass bottles, it can prevent the liquid itself from volatilizing or leaking. For the outside of the glass bottle, it can effectively prevent the oxygen and other gases in the air from reacting to the beer, causing the beer to taste.

The glass bottle is an environmentally friendly material, which can be effectively recycled and has a certain effect on protecting the environment.

Because glass bottles contain silicon as a stable substance, glass bottles have more stable properties. Has strong corrosion resistance, not easy to chemical reaction with other liquids. So it is safe to use glass bottles for packaging.

Many factories today use automated production processes, and glass bottles are more suitable for this type of automated production and packaging processes than other packaging.

Above all, that's why does beer only be packged in glass bottle. After seeing our article, let's go and have a beer!