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Why does the glass cup safest for water drinking

Pulished on Mar. 05, 2020

We drink water every day but have you paid attention to water drinking cup?

The bacteria, carcinogens that hidden in the cup can easily "steal" your Health if improperly selected.

However, what kind of cup we can healthy for drinking water? What kind of water cup is quite safe? In this issue, this article can teach you how to pick a good cup that is safe and healthy and how to use it for drinking.

 Glass drinking cup

①Material is the safest

 Glass cup is the safest to drink water judging from the glass material. Because glass is sintered from inorganic silicates and contains no organic chemicals. And the cup body is smooth, easy to clean and not easy to breed bacteria.

② Bursting risk

The glass material has strong thermal conductivity. If the water temperature is too high, the cup may burst and too hot water should be avoided. In addition, the glass is corroded by water for a long time that the sodium silicate reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to form white carbonic acid crystals.It will damage your health if it is not replaced for a long time

③How to choose and use

① When choosing a glass,we need to pay attention to whether there are cracks in the inner and outer layers of the glass. The cracked glass is easy to burst after being filled with hot water.

② To see if the work of the cup is fine, it is recommended that not to choose a glass with impurities or bubbles.

③First choose glass on the material is high borosilicate glass,which is more heat-resistant, wear-resistant and crack-resistant than ordinary glass. Generally, the cup body will not be broken due to sudden temperature changes. We recommend that a valid use time for the glass is no more than one year.And we can wash white crystals with alkaline detergent at usual or sterilize with boiling hot water for 10 minutes every week.

Why does the glass cup safest for water drinking

Ceramic cup

① Material safety

It is the first choice for drinking water to use a colorless glaze printing especially the colorless ceramic cup on the inner wall . Ceramic cup without color glaze not only the material is safe but it can withstand high temperatures and it has a relatively good thermal insulation effect. It is good selection to drink hot water or tea.

② chronic poisoning risk

Taking care of your health if your ceramic cup has a colorful pattern. The color-glazed ceramic cup is decorated with color glaze of which

Glazes can easily lead to the dissolution of harmful metals such as lead and cadmium poisoning.

③How to choose and use

When choosing a ceramic cup, it is better to choose the colorless glaze, especially the colorless inner wall or the underglaze color porcelain that the dye will not directly contact the beverage, which can avoid the precipitation of toxic substances

It should be replaced in time if the ceramic cup is deformed, peeled or cracked. Because the colored glaze ceramic contains lead that it will spill into food when it cracks.

Why does the glass cup safest for water drinking