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4 Reasons Why Glass Water Bottles Are More Recommended for Use than Plastic Bottles

Pulished on Apr. 25, 2019

In the market, there are at least 2 types of water bottle available they are made of glass and plastic. The glass bottle is highly recommended for health and safety reasons.

The benefit of bottles or cups for drinking is something that has been known for years. However, along with the time goes by, there are more types of bottles and cups available in the market. The materials used are various starting from the glass, plastic, and even paper. Although it looks too risky, in fact, the drinking-ware made from the glass is still recommended than other materials. Here are the reasons.

Less Chemical Substances

Compared to the plastic or paper bottles and cups, the glass drinking-ware tends to have less chemical substances. Particularly the plastic glass, those chemical substances are really easy to be dissolved with hot water. Of course, the more using it, the risk is getting higher. That’s why; products from glass are more recommended for a hot drink whether they are glass bottles, glass tins, or glass cans. Some types of plastic bottles should also be avoided when someone wants to drink coffee and other types of drink. The chemical substances are dissolved by acid materials.

Food Grade

There are some bottles or can products with stunning colors and designs. Unfortunately, for the plastic products, the dye is placed on the entire part of the item. On the other hand, for the glass products, the dye is placed in the inner part of the glass. This way, plastic products tend to be more toxic than the glass ones. So, for the customized color lids, it is much better to be applied to the glass products. In other words, glass is more necessary for food grade products.

More Durable

The main reason why people avoid buying glass bottles or tins is since it is more breakable. Then, the plastic product is considered stronger. At this point, indeed, the glass can be easily broken when it is blown or hit. But in general, glass stuff is actually more durable. If you use it carefully, the glass products can be used for so many years.


For the less toxic and chemical substances contained, the products from glass are more eco-friendly for sure. Although glass cannot be decayed with the weathering process, this material is easily recycled.

Based on the facts mentioned above, glass is considered the best materials for drinking-ware. It is particularly by considering health and safety. Sure, many products are available in beautiful colors and designs. To make sure there is no dirt to enter, the products of sealed container can be easily found in the market as well.