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Luxury and Particle Solid Color Glass Jug for Russian and Mexico Market

Item no.: GB2611V001LJ

Material: Glass, Soda-lime glass

Technique: Machine-pressed

Package: color box, 48pcs/ctn, or can accept customized package

Usage: beverage juice serving,home,hotel,bar,pub tabletop drinking

Capacity: 1300ml 

Size: 140*200*105mm



  • The solid color glass jug has passed rigorous food safety tests, ensuring that it is safe for storing and serving beverages and foods, providing peace of mind to consumers.

  • Cleaning the glass jug is a breeze due to its smooth and non-porous surface. This feature saves time and effort, making it a convenient choice for daily use.

  • The solid color glass jug boasts a beautiful and elegant design. Its visually pleasing appearance enhances the overall presentation of beverages, making it a stylish addition to any table or setting.

  • This glass jug has gained popularity in both the Russian and Mexican markets, indicating its widespread appeal and success in different regions. Its popularity suggests that it meets the preferences and needs of consumers in diverse cultural contexts.

  • For added convenience and aesthetic appeal, users have the option to choose goblet cups that match the glass jug. This coordinated set allows for a cohesive and visually appealing serving experience.

  • The glass jug can be customized with a gift box. This feature makes it an excellent choice for special occasions or gifting purposes, as it can be personalized to suit the recipient's preferences and occasions.

Luxury and Particle Solid Color Glass Jug


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