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4 different styles blowing glassware

Pulished on Jul. 03, 2020

A big part of glassware is made by machine blowing nowadays. Here we will show 4 different styles blowing methods, details as below:


1. Blowing directly:

Normally we use this method 1 “blowing directly” for small bottle. We will blow at the first mold then will have rudiment here. Then we will blow at second time to fix the sizes and designs finally. This is the more easier blowing method.


2. Turn blowing:

It means when we are blowing we are turning all the time. Turning blowing use vacuum suction feeding material method, when we cut the glassware material and it will down to the mold, the turning machine will revolve and blow, and glassware will shape up. This method normally is for big glassware.


3. Line blowing:

We will provide glassware raw material as liquid, liquid will turn and then shape up as banding, then will be a air glassware bubble. Normally we use this line blowing for mass produce lamp bulb and tea cup, with a big production capacity too. It’s invented by corning and used for industrial.


4. Pressed blowing:

Raw material of glassware will drop at mold and then pressed it. Top of glassware will shape up and then all parts blowing. Pressed blowing will make glassware’s paries more fitter. Normally is used for glass bottle mass production.


Now have you known more ideas about glassware blowing?

4 different styles blowing glassware