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5 best-selling whisky glasses in GARBO GLASSWARE

Pulished on Apr. 02, 2022

Whiskey, as a wine that has been passed down for hundreds of years, is deeply loved by many European and American countries. Whiskey is also consumed in different ways in different places. Now the most commonly used are pure drinking, adding water, adding ice, adding soda and so on. There are also many people who pay attention to the utensils used to drink different beverages. Generally, we use glasses, so do you know which glasses are suitable for drinking whisky? If you are wondering about flowers, I think this article will help you. I'm going to list our GARBO GLASSWARE's top 5 best-selling whiskey glasses for different types of whisky drinking, whether you like Scotch, Irish, American, or other countries and types of whisky, this article Both will take you through the glasses for these whiskies.

1. Tulip shaped whisky glass

The tulip shaped whisky glass is a glass used for pure drinking whisky, that is, without ice or anything else, it is pure whisky. The special shape adds color and aroma to the wine. This whisky glass is suitable for professional occasions and is the glass of choice for master distillers, bartenders and whisky connoisseurs.

5 best-selling whisky glasses in GARBO GLASSWARE

2. Old-fashioned whisky glass

This kind of thick bottom, and the glass body has fine lines, we call it Old-fashioned whisky glass. This type of whiskey glass was also loved by wine lovers in the early days, and even now, ordinary people also use this type of whisky glass to drink whisky. Our GARBO has many different styles and designs of Old-fashioned whisky glass. The most classic ones are 8oz and 11oz. This kind of whiskey glass is also suitable for adding whisky stones or ice cube. After pouring wine, it looks very elegant.

5 best-selling whisky glasses in GARBO GLASSWARE

3. Blown Old-fashioned whisky glass

The same thing as the one above is that the shape of the cups is similar, and they are all cups with thick bottoms and straight bodies. The difference is that this one is a blown cup, and the one above is a machine-pressed cup. This whisky glass is blown, and the glass body is relatively thin, but because the bottom of the glass is still thick, it adds weight to the whole glass. Compared with the one above, which has a different texture design, this type of whisky glass is very simple, and can also meet a small number of customization needs of different customers, such as decals, logos and so on.

5 best-selling whisky glasses in GARBO GLASSWARE

4. Colored embossed whisky glass

This whisky glass is very special, our GARBO has different colors and designs for you to choose from. Although these cups are colored, you can rest assured that this is a food-grade safe cup, because its color is not sprayed on after processing, but the color of the raw material itself, so the color will not fall off. These cups look very elegant.

5 best-selling whisky glasses in GARBO GLASSWARE

5. Tumbler style whisky glass

This type of whisky glass first appeared in the 17th century. The reason why it is called a tumbler comes from its cup shape. As you can see, the bottom of this whisky glass is not flat and cannot be placed straight on the table. When many people see this cup, they will feel that drinking with it means that they should always be held in their hands and cannot be placed on the table. In fact, the center of this type of tumbler whiskey glass is concentrated at the bottom of the glass, and the top is light and the bottom is heavy, so even if you put it on the table, the wine will not spill. We at GARBO also have different kinds of tumbler whisky glasses to choose from. At the same time, for this tumbler whisky glass, we also have different styles, one is a simple one without any design, and the other is the same as old-fashioned glass, the glass body has different texture design, so that the whole glass can see Go up to a more high-end atmosphere.

5 best-selling whisky glasses in GARBO GLASSWARE5 best-selling whisky glasses in GARBO GLASSWARE

Well, after reading the introduction of the different whiskey glasses above, I believe you have a certain understanding of the whisky glasses. If you need any of the whisky glasses, please leave a message and tell us your requirements.