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Different variations on handles of stainless steel cutlery to attract different people

Pulished on Apr. 15, 2020

There are many types of stainless steel cutlery,dazzling and various in daily. From a piece of stainless steel to be polished into knives, forks and spoons, is to required the entire set of cutlery to be smooth and flawless, and high quality. Many manufacturers will make various patterns on the handle of the cutlery to attract customers' attention.

What are the patterns of stainless steel handles? What kind of stainless steel cutlery can attract what kind of people? The following will analyze one by one for you.

  • Conventional clear handle 

The smooth and hard handle is full of touch, and the entire stainless steel cutlery connected to the tableware seems to be looking in the mirror. These clear handle feels simple. Generally people in European and American countries like simple handles with unique designs, and with a sense of luxury.

How to make variations on handles of stainless steel cutlery?cid=3

  • Sand blasting handle 

Sand blasting the handle is equivalent to tattooing the tableware. Carving beautiful flowers into it to make the whole tableware more beautiful. Not only the flower pattern but also some line combination patterns also make the tableware look unique. Many countries like it, but people in the Middle East especially like it very much.

How to make variations on handles of stainless steel cutlery?cid=3

  • Matt polishing handle 

Relative to the simple and clear stainless steel cutlery, the matt polished of handles is another way out. Matt polishing is simply to make stainless steel cutlery look matt. The feeling of a little silk in the haze is high-end matt polished stainless steel cutlery. The Nordic island countries particularly like this high-grade matt cutlery.

How to make variations on handles of stainless steel cutlery?cid=3

  • Printing handle 

The sand blasting mentioned above is for tattooing stainless steel cutlery, and the printing introduced now is to put colored clothes on the cutlery. With special paint and different colors can be sprayed on the stainless steel cutlery. Colorful stainless steel tableware makes people look happy, people in Southeast Asia especially like printing cutlery to taste their delicious cuisine.

How to make variations on handles of stainless steel cutlery?cid=3

From traditional to novel, simple to complex, stainless steel cutlery has been appearing on people's tables with various images. All kinds of handles represent the creativity of this producer and bring different feelings of use experience to people.