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Why whisky decanter?How to use whisky decanter?

Pulished on Nov. 13, 2020


      Whiskey has become more and more popular in recent years, and now it is more and more popular for decanting the whisky. Whiskey can be decanted with a bottle or other decanter.

Today, let us come to check, what are whisky decanters for? How to choose whisky decanter? How long can the whisky decanter be stored? How to clean whisky decanter?

Why whisky decanter?How to use whisky decanter?Let us

  1. What are whisky decanters for? Why whisky decanter?

    Once the whiskey is put in the bottle, it will stop fermenting and maturing. For example, let a 10-year whiskey in a decanter, the state of the liquor will not be much different. The bottle of wine will not change in any way. Some friends will say that the alcohol will go out during the process of pouring into the decanter, the degree will be slightly reduced, and the taste will also change. In fact, the effect of changing the bottle of sober is extremely limited for whiskey. It is better to pour the whiskey directly into your glass to breathe. Moreover, the cork lid of the general whiskey decanter is not well sealed. If you do not drink it for a long time, the alcohol will evaporate too much, and the body will be scattered. So there is no need to put whiskey in a decanter.

    But whiskey has a high alcohol content and is born with a sense of domineering. Using whisky bottles makes it tasteful. When drinking with friends, it is more elegant and beautiful and enhances the mood of drinking.

 2. How to choose whisky decanter? 


    a.The capacity of the decanter should not be too small, at least it can hold a 700ml bottle of whiskey. Because the whisky itself is high-end, the decanter also need to be good looking.

    b. A decanter with a tight-sealing effect. Whiskey has a high concentration, and you can't drink a bottle in a few hours, so it needs to be corked. But even under normal storage, it is recommended to drink the whiskey in the decanter within 1-2 months.

   c.The glass material should free-lead. If the decanter contains lead, it will easily penetrate into the liquor, affect the flavor of whiskey and cause harm to the human body.

   d. Price. Whiskey decanter can be purchased from thousands to tens of thousands according to the individual

Why whisky decanter?How to use whisky decanter?Let us

3.How long can the whisky decanter be stored?

    Keep whiskey away from light, cool temperature (7-12 degrees), dry air, and prevent oxidation.

    The whiskey decanter has different storage methods and time after decanting. Normally, it can be kept for about 3 days. If the bottle is divided, it can be kept for about 7 to 15 days, or even longer.

    It is better to drink the whisky as soon as possible after decanting. How long the whiskey decanter can be stored depends on the preservation method. If it is not covered, the aroma and alcohol content will usually volatilize within a few hours. The capped wine bottle allows you to keep it for a long time, and the split fruit is divided into bottles for a longer time.

 Why whisky decanter?How to use whisky decanter?Let us

 4.How to clean whisky decanter?

    There are many types of tools needed to clean the decanter, such as :white vinegar and water, detergent and water, baking soda, and water beads. Items: rice, coarse salt; water; detergent; disinfectant; bottle brush.

   1. First clean the decanter with water.

   2. Pour in the washing liquid, so that the washing liquid can be fully soaked for several days, and shake it regularly.

   3.  Let the washing water clean the decanter wall.

   4. Stir with granular items and wash with soapy water

   5. Rinse with clean water, add a small amount of disinfectant, soak for 15 minutes, and then wash with disinfectant solution.

   6 Pour out the disinfectant solution and rinse with clean water. Until rinsed off.