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What's the Difference between shot glass,a whisky glass and a brandy glass? How to choose a liquor cup?

Pulished on Oct. 13, 2019

      Shot glasses, we usually call it as containing more than 40 degrees of foreign wine. There are many types of capacity,  from 10ml to 500ml all have.

     Which kinds of wine with a shot glass?Liquor, of course. Such as: tequila, sherry/port wine, rum, vodka, charming wine, liqueur, gin, martell, etc., Spirits have a high alcohol content, young spirits are a little rough compared to those that are distilled, and those who have been aged liquor and the pure clean drinking liquor is very "soft".

    What's the difference between a whisky glass and a brandy glass? How to buy a liquor cup?cid=3


      What's the difference between shot glass,a whisky glass and a brandy glass? 


      Whiskey is known as "water of life". Barley, rye, oats, wheat, corn and other grains as raw materials, after fermentation, distillation into oak barrel aging, blending and become an alcoholic beverage. Whisky glass is mean the glass used for drinking whisky. The wine cup was round and short. Its features is thick bottom. This is because whiskey is always drunk with ice ,the  glass of whisky is much thicker than the glass of brandy.

    【Shot Glass】

      Shot glass is containing a high degree of alcohol, belongs to the category of cocktail glass, which is used for drinking distilled spirits other than brandy when without ice. The capacity of the shot lass is in the range of 1-2 OZ.


    What's the difference between a whisky glass and a brandy glass? How to buy a liquor cup?cid=3


      Brandy means "burnt wine" and is often called as the "soul of wine". It is a fermented, distilled wine made from fruit.

A cup with a small mouth and a wide stomach. Although the actual capacity of the cup is very large (240-300 ml), but pour the amount of wine (about 30 ml) should not be too much.Pour in no more than a third. Brandy is between 40 and 43 degrees.

     How to choose a shot glass?

      What's the difference between a whisky glass and a brandy glass? How to buy a liquor cup?cid=3

      One. Choose according to the capacity of liquor cup. The shot cup has many capacity, ranging from 10ml to 500ml, and if you are shopping for a restaurant or hotel,it will be better have all kinds of capacity ready for a rainy day. For home use, just choose your own applicable capacity.

      Two.  According to the liquor cup material to purchase, there are crystal, glass, plastic. Generally we choose glass liquor cup, the price is relatively cheap, the style is more fashionable

      Three. Depending on the type, there are high stem and flat shot glass. Generally, people drink white wine will use flat bottom spirit cup, drink foreign wine will use tall leg shot cup, according to individual preference.

      Four. Choose according to brand and price. The brand on the market is numerous, need to Need to look carefully about the quality, craft and so on, price has hundreds from a few pieces. It will better to compare a few products.

     The correct way to choose and buy, is to quickly help the hotel, restaurants and other selected to the most cost-effective products.Choose the best in both economy and quality.