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What are the post-processing techniques for the drinking jug tumbler set?

Pulished on Sep. 21, 2019

    When we entertain guests, buy a gift, or drinking tea and juice in our daily life, one jar six cups of 7 water drinking set is a good choice, very popular in the market. It is a good choice for home hospitality, resistant to both heat and cold, without lead.

  The post-processing jar tumbler set is post-processed on the basis of the clear jar and cup. Including printing, decals, electroplating, bronzing, thermal transfer, spray color, etc.

  What are the post-processing techniques for the drinking jug tumbler set?cid=3


   The printing color generally allows a maximum of 4-6 colors, the pattern is relatively simple, the cup is smooth and the curvature is not too large, it is better to have no handle then can print easily, if there is a handle, it also can be printed, but the range should be reduced. In the printing process, you need to baking in the furnace by the high temperature of 280 degrees and then cooled by a cooling belt about 20-30 degrees. The printed pattern is printed one by one, it feels obvious bump.

glass juice drinking set

Restaurant/ Hotel use flower design 7pcs glass juice drinking set



   Post-processing of decals is divided into high temperature and low-temperature paper. The temperature of the high-temperature paper is about 280-300 degrees, and the temperature of the low-temperature paper is about 100 degrees. Compared with low-temperature paper, high temperature is better than low-temperature paper. It is not easy to fall off in the water. From the perspective of stereo and vividness, the high-temperature paper is slightly worse than low-temperature paper.

decal glass set wholesale

Beautiful printing 7pcs glass drinking set glass pitcher and 6 cups

   When the color is gold, silver, purple, pink or royal blue, ordinary flower paper is difficult to achieve, the temperature needs to reach 560-600 degrees, the price is more expensive.

   The decal step is to design the pattern, print it out, and then paste it. Generally, it is first wetted in water and then pasted. Therefore, it is necessary to set aside to dry, and the dry weather takes 2 days to dry. Wet weather takes longer to dry.

   What are the post-processing techniques for the drinking jug tumbler set?cid=3

   One thing need to pay attention, when decal the real gold paper, the glass may explode at this temperature, and the bottom decals paper will be removed; after the flower is finished, it needs to be dried, because drying will prevent the paper from bursting, and then enter the high-temperature furnace.

 What are the post-processing techniques for the drinking jug tumbler set?cid=3


   Electroplated have single-sided plating and double-sided plating.

Electroplating glass drinking

4)Thermal transfer:

   The pattern is more three-dimensional, and it can be processed on the surface of the light cup with a smooth surface. The process does not need to go through a hot furnace.

 What are the post-processing techniques for the drinking jug tumbler set?cid=3

5)Spray :

  Only can be equipped with low-temperature paper, not resistant to high temperature, divided into the machine and manual spray.

spray colored 7pcs glass water drinking set

spray colored 7pcs glass water drinking set


   In the production process, we need to pay attention to the fact that the cup can not be deformed, notched, collapsed, large bubbles. The bottom should be flat, there should be no obvious marks, and the bottom rust should be well controlled; Make sure that the color of the print is bright and the quality is good; there can be no large area of missing prints and bursts. The light cup should pay attention to the color of the material should not be too dark, the polishing is better, and the surface is smooth.