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​A Perfect Beer Glass show the favorite style of beer

Pulished on Jan. 03, 2019

If you like refined beer, then you will know that using the right glassware is essential for all beer styles. Pilsners sparkled in tall, narrow glasses, beer glasses performed well in pint glasses, tulip glasses will bring Belgium's strong beer and the best snacks such as imperial spirits.

giant beer glass

If you are a true beer lover, then you will know that this is only the beginning - the exact shape of a particular glass and the materials used in its construction will also have a significant impact on what you see, smell, feel and taste. You like your favorite beer.International Beer Festival and beer cup.

This glass is designed to enhance the palatal taste of the beer it holds, which is good news for stout lovers because there are all the sweet and simple wonders - chocolate and coffee, licorice, wood, and vanilla.

I tested a stout glass with a 22 - ounce Stone Russian Imperial Stout bomber and poured half of its contents into a standard Spiegelau tulip glass and a half into a new stout glass. The result is very remarkable - beer in a stout glass obviously has a deeper taste, just as an important part of its taste is enhanced and enlarged in some way. It's like watching a movie in 3D - it's the same content, but somehow it's more immersive.

european beer glasses

The real test was that my wife tasted it from every cup. She doesn't like beer lovers like me, so I'm not sure if she will appreciate the differences between these ships. First, she sipped her head from a standard tulip glass - Stone RIS is a lovely and balanced beer - and then she took a sip from a stout glass.

" Are these the same beer?" She asked. " Yes," I replied, " from the same bottle." She took another sip, with a suspicious and strange expression on her face, just like someone who knew he had been fooled by magic, but could not fully understand how it was done. In short, you don't need to be a beer lover to appreciate what these cleverly made glasses can do.

proper beer glasses

The design of the glass has brought other benefits to restless lovers like me. Holding it is a kind of tactile pleasure, because its bowl has grooves on the outer bottom, which are very suitable for your fingers when you chat with friends or catch up with " Fargo". " Because its stem is filled with beer, the glass has a larger surface area than the standard tulip glass, making the beer in it heat up faster. For Coors Light, this will be a disaster. It depends on the cold, so you can't really taste its water depth, but it is very effective for those that will open in warm weather.

All in all, Spiegelau did this again, creating a glass that really enhanced the flavor of this wonderful beer. This pair of glasses has a high price/performance ratio. If you are a fan of dark, rich and adorable beer, these glasses are worth investing in.