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How to remove the label from the glass quickly

Pulished on Jan. 03, 2019

                             How to remove label from the glass quickly

  1. Soaking time can be a little longer 2-3 hours, after tearing off the label, if there is residual, can use towel with warm water to continue to wipe.

How to remove the glue from the glass

2. blow with hair dryer 5-6 minutes, to soften glue can easily tear off.

3.if there is glue residue after tearing, you can use alcohol, wind oil essence, hand cream wipe, has remarkable effect.

4.use professional adhesive remover, a gently wipe can achieve ideal results, and do not harm the surface of the glass, and fragrance.

The principle of removing adhesive:

The glue commonly used for labeling is organic polymer compounds in the chemical field, while alcohol, gasoline, or nail polish diluents are organic solvents that dissolve polymer compounds. At the same time, nail polish diluents are more soluble than alcohol and gasoline.

Hand cream contains a large amount of water (usually more than 70%) and a certain amount of surfactants in the water. Surfactants have good wetting, permeation, dissolution ability, can quickly penetrate between the adhesive and the surface of the object, effectively reduce the adhesion between them, so that the residual adhesive is easily removed.

Knowing this principle, you can also find some similar products, such as cream, facial cleanser, detergent have the same effect. So as long as the clever use of these, will no longer worry about these labels.

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How to remove the glue from the glass