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Are the frosted glasses really poisonous? Your 4 questions are answered by glass experts.

Pulished on Jan. 05, 2019

frosted glasses

Glass cup is often used for drinking water, in which frosted glass is one of them. For this kind of glass, many people are curious about the health of frosted glass. Will it be toxic? 

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Frosted glass is made of food grade soda lime environmental glass.  In fact, it is a kind of instrument with good chemical stability of glass, which will not affect the contents of objects. Let’s start to learn more about frosted glass from this glass expert.

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Question #1: What do you think of a frosted glass?

Glass is a necessity of people's life, and the style of glass is also varied. Frosted glass is also called ground glass and dark glass. It is made of ordinary flat glass by mechanical frosting. Because of its rough surface, it causes diffuse reflection of light and transmittance without perspective.  It can make the glass light soft, not dazzling, and ordinary glass through the sun will appear particularly dazzling. The bottom of abrasive material can increase the roughness of contact area and friction force ,which can ensure the stability of frosted glass and avoid sliding.

Are frosted glasses poisonous

The cover of frosted glass is high-gloss film inversion, which is not easy to rust. Some frosted glasses also have a hand rope designed to make it more beautiful and portable as a whole. Frosted glass is relatively safe in the manufacturing process, and no chemicals are added during the firing process. Ordinary plastic cups are made with plasticizers, which contain some toxic chemicals.  When it is filled with hot water or boiling water, toxic chemicals are easily diluted in water, and long-term use will cause harm to human body.  Especially the colored plastic cup, although it looks good, but it contains more toxic chemicals than the ordinary plastic cup. 

Are frosted glasses poisonous

Question #2: Is frosted glass poisonous?

Frosted glass usually does not have the inner wall of the grinding glass. The outer wall frosting  is not polished, but washed with a chemical substance.  Although the frosted glass itself will not cause some harm to the body, However, some toxic chemicals may remain on the outer wall of the frosted cup, which may have adverse effects on the human body. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious when drinking water or tea, and it is better to recommend to choose ordinary glass to drink water.  The inner wall of frosted glass is relatively easy to produce dirt. If these dirt is not cleaned up in time, it may cause adverse factors to the body.  When using frosted glass in daily life, we must pay attention to the cleaning of frosted glass, otherwise it will affect our health. 

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Question #3: What are the characteristics of frosted glass?

1.Food-grade soda lime environmental protection glass is used. Surface treatment is carried out by embracing abrasive and adding flowers to it. It is smooth and smooth with good texture. 

2.It has strong mechanical strength and strong performance for quench and heat temperature change.

3.It is easy to clean and do not absorb the taste of any beverage.

4.Mainly suitable for brewing coffee and milk products, diversified flour, has a higher ornamental, interesting, enhance not only your taste of life!

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Question #4: How to remove dirt from frosted glass?

Certain dirt will be produced when the glass is used for a long time, and the frosted glass is no exception.  So what are the effective ways to remove the dirt from these cups? The commonly used and effective tricks are as follows:

1.Rub the dirt on the inner wall of the glass with orange and lemon slices or toothpaste or vinegar, then rinse it. This method is simple and effective.

2.Soak in salt water for 10 minutes and then dry with salt. It'll soon be clean. If you soak in brine for a few hours, the dirt will fall off on its own.

3.Tea cups are easy to accumulate a thick layer of tea dirt because of the number of times they make tea. Sometimes this tea stain is not easy to clean. n fact, just crush the eggshells and put them in dirty cups or bottles to be cleaned. Then drop a few of vinegar, shake slowly, and then wash with a brush, you can clean the parts that are not easy to clean at ordinary times.

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