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Advantage of double wall glass cup

Pulished on May. 12, 2020

Cups which made by glassware is the most health one for human being, so we feel relieved when use these glass cups at daily life. At the same time these glass cups with competitive prices. Craft of double wall glassware is more complicated than single wall glassware, but here have more advantages too.


1. Nice looking and utilitarian: Double wall glassware is made by high borosilicate material, it’s smooth and transparent with high wear resistance. Here will not have peculiar smell after drinking, and very easy to clean it. In a word, with nice looking and utilitarian.


2. Special heat insulation design: Double wall glassware here will have “double wall”, here will have space between two walls. So the liquid temperature will not loss so faster depend on this design. Also here will not thorny when we touching it. A very good design for people using.


3. Bigger difference of heat resistance: Normal glass cup will be broken easier when meet with boiled water because of temperature difference, but double wall glass cup will not. It’s made by high temperature which can resist temperature difference -20°C-150°C.


So how to maintain our double wall glass cup?

Firstly we need to use smooth material to clean double wall glass cup before or after using it. It’s a good method to our health. Secondly, when glass cup have splodge, it’s better we use warm water to steep a short time then clean.


Have you know more about double wall glass cup now?


Advantage of double wall glass cup