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6 suggestions from china glassware suppliers to wholesalers

Pulished on Jan. 15, 2019

Since I have started  in the glassware industry, I have to redouble my efforts.

If you have a familiar china glassware suppliers and keep in touch, then it is easy to find the explosion, so you need to pay attention to the market changes, find the explosion, and then talk to these retailers.

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Glassware wholesalers should follow these 6 recommendations:

1: Choose a china glassware supplier , because the quality and price of the products are beautiful so that your sales will be more competitive;

2: Site selection is the most important step in the wholesale of glassware. Site selection will directly affect the turnover! According to the 

characteristics of the product, it is crucial to choose to sell in the right place. To do wholesale glassware, you must choose a place with dense crowds;

3: The overall image, lighting and product display of the store will directly affect sales! Selling glassware also requires packaging;

4: Need to have a certain amount of stocking, in the future sales process, the store must also maintain a certain amount of stocking, you need to prepare for replenishment in advance, wait until the sales are stable, as long as the regular replenishment can be;

5: Recruiting good sales staff, how to sell glassware, how to retain customers, how to treat old customers, the level of salesperson is very important;

6: Do more business, do more to find a way, diversify and live, do not only limit your own store, in order to bring more benefits.

Where can I find China glassware suppliers?

Usually, there are two ways to find goods suppliers in China, online and offline.

Offline- 124th CANTON FAIR

china glassware offline suppliers

Online- Alibaba

china glassware online suppliers

At present, there are many well-known glassware factories in China. The tableware wholesale market in many countries will also be purchased in China. Among them, the wholesale market in Guangzhou is still very mature, which is also called the first-level wholesale market.