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Correct way to hold and clink wine glasses

Pulished on Dec. 27, 2019

When drinking red wine, many people are really not very particular about how to hold and clink glasses. After all, we do not pay too much attention when drinking red wine, as long as we are happy.

However, wine tasting is an elegant and luxurious social event, as well as a symbol of identity and taste. Now I will introduce the holding of the wine glass and the ceremony of clinking glasses.

Correct way to hold and clink wine glasses

Each type of wine glass is a bit particular about how to take it. Holding the glass correctly will not only make you look generous and decent but also represent your own quality and taste, as well as your understanding of wine culture. Holding the wine glass correctly does not only show your accomplishment but also does not affect the taste of red wine because of your own factors.

Correct way to hold and clink wine glasses

1.Handle the glass correctly to avoid fingerprints or stains when the palm of your finger directly touches the glass

2. Correctly holding the wine glass can prevent the temperature of the hand from interfering with the temperature of the wine, especially at low temperatures.

3. Handling wine glasses correctly is more natural and decent.

Correct way to hold and clink wine glasses

Wine clinking ceremony

At present, drinking and clinking have become a kind of life etiquette for human beings. But why do you clink when drinking? No one can give the exact answer, but there are many opinions. For example, it is said that the ancient Greeks discovered during drinking that human senses can enjoy the sight, smell, and taste of wine, but lack of hearing, so they came up with a way to touch each other's glasses before drinking, the glasses issued The crisp sound allows ears to enjoy the pleasure of drinking.

In fact, the real reason for drinking and clinking may be a natural behavior that humans indicate to each other when celebrating, and with the progress of civilization, it has gradually evolved into a drinking etiquette.

Correct way to hold and clink wine glasses

Developed into modern times, clink glasses have become an important drinking etiquette. Clink glasses can shorten the distance between people, increase friendship, eliminate conflicts, and improve the atmosphere of drinking.

The movements during the clink are exquisite. Usually, you should get up before clinking glasses. When two glasses meet, people with lower identity, position, and age should hold the glass of the glass lower than the other side to show respect.

Correct way to hold and clink wine glasses

When drinking wine and clinking glasses, it also brings a unique sensory enjoyment, which is one of the five senses in wine tasting, "sound". Because the wine glass is made of glass or crystal glass, it will make a lingering crisp sound when you touch the glass, which brings a sense of hearing pleasure. Therefore, the correct method of clinking can produce such a sound.

The correct collision position of the clinker is the highest point protruding in the middle of the glass, which can reduce the probability of glass breakage and prevent the splash of wine, and the sound of the installation is as clear and pleasant as metal, and the aftertaste is dazzling.