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The goblet has different functions. Different wines should match different wine glasses. Have you got the right wine glass?

Pulished on Apr. 24, 2020

      There are many different ways to classify the types of wine glasses. The most common one is according to the height of the wine glass, which is divided into footless flat bottom glasses (Hyper wine glass, beer wine glass, Colin wine glass, etc.), short-leg glasses (Storm glass, brandy glass, etc.) and stemware glass (cocktail Glasses, wine glasses, etc.).

      Different wines have unique characteristics, and different cups can reflect their characteristics. Some cups will have several names because of transliteration. Below, I will take a few common cup types as an example, to share about their distinctions and names.

      1.Bordeaux wine glasses

      The Bordeaux wine glasses cup has a relatively small taper, which is a top, big belly smaller top. It is a standard wine glass, which can retain most of the fragrance when drinking wine, suitable for wine tasting.


      2.Burgundy wine glass

       The shape of the Burgundy wine glass is nearly chubby, and the wall of the burgundy wine glass gradually shrinks, which helps to condense aroma. Compared with the Bordeaux wine glass, it has a shallower mouth and a larger diameter, which is easier to diffuse wine's smell, suitable for table wine.

       OIP.jpg u=2952870685,1300994910&fm=26&gp=0.jpg


     3.Brandy Cup

     Brandy glasses are generally only used to drink brandy, rarely used as a cocktail glass. Its capacity is 240-300 ml, according to the shape there is a nickname called "potbelly cup". The mouth of the cup shrinks inwards so that when you drink it, you can hold the cup with your palm, let the wine warm up, and let alcohol evaporates.  



        4. Storm Cup

           It is shaped like a wind lamp (storm lamp in English), so it is called the storm cup. Many cocktails like pina colada are holding in this glass.

         爆款图 (2).jpg

      5.Acid wine glass

        The long-footed, small-curved cup body is suitable for all kinds of sour chicken tails wine. It is not suitable to add ice cubes.

      爆款图 (2).jpg

        6. Champagne glasses 

           Champagne glasses are commonly available in flute and saucer shapes. The saucer shape is convenient for viewing crystal transparent bubbles and is used for cocktails and fancy juices.

         LZ012产品.jpg 爆款图 (3).jpg


          All Goblets are divided into three parts, Cup feet cup,Cup bowl. Cup feet is to keep the wine glass standing, cup stem is to connect the cup feet and cup body, Cup bowl is holding the wine part.

          In general, we will pour the liquor to a third of the belly or the widest part of the belly of the glass, so that the wine surface can maximize to connect with the air. For different types of wine glasses, each part will be different, but the key difference is the shape and size of the bowl.

         Learn more about the common types of wine glasses, and easily resolve the embarrassment of taking the wrong glass. Please continue to pay attention to the updating of the Garbo Glass company. We have 27 years of glass experience, have almost every shape as you want, and countless glass tips. Welcome.