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Do we need the decanter?

Pulished on Jun. 30, 2020

Whether it's at home or in restaurants or bars, we all like to decant, pouring wine into a decanter. So what exactly do decanters do, and are they suitable for all wines?

A decanter is a vessel used to the decanter or to receive the pouring liquid, especially of a wine, in order to a mixture of the wine with the air, allowing the aroma of the wine to fully distributing and separating the sediment from the wine. It is usually made of crystal glass, with a narrow top and a wide bottom. Pouring wine into it increases the surface area of the wine exposed to the air and speeds up the oxidation process, which in turn softens the astringent tannins in the wine and helps the sulfites (SO2) in the wine evaporate.

Another important reason for using a decanter is to separate the wine from the  in the bottle. The impurities are not dirt, but crystals of tannins and pigments, which can also form while wine is making, and some gradually form after bottling. The decanting process reduces sediment. Especially high-grade red wine, you will often see them, this is pure ingredients, the proof of high concentration. Like Bordeaux, you'll find a lot of sediment on the bottom.

These sediments are harmful to your health. While drinking, they are somewhat bitter and can affect the taste of the wine, making it sour and astringent, so use a decanter to separate them.

People love wine, not only because of its taste, but the wine set is a clear, delicate, luxury. They often want to be placed on the table can bring their pleasure and sense of achievement.

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Recently, we have a design new pattern on the decanter set, they are made of Marble texture. They look unique, splendid, novel, and elegant. Or if you have a better idea, you can also send us your ideas. We will make them come true.

Hey, if you have enough free time, don't rush to finish off a bottle of wine. You can pour your good wine to the decanter and leave the wine fully mix with air, giving you the unforgettable taste.