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Do you know how many types glassware have

Pulished on Apr. 10, 2020

1. Classify glassware depend on construction:

1) Double wall glassware: When mass produce this type glassware, we will make double wall for avoiding hot water/coffee/tea to be harmful for our hands. 

Normally tis double wall glassware is suitable for gift or promotion products so that can be printed customized logo as client required.


2) Single wall glassware: Normally for water/coffee/tea drinking at home/hotel and made by soda-lime glassware.


3) Crystal glassware: Normally for wine/champagne drinking at hotel/party and used to be glass goblets and glass stemware.


2. Classify glassware depend on usage:

1) Classic glassware: It’s also called whisky cup and rock glass cup. Normally this glass cup with big shape and thick body and bottom, 

it will feel steady when people using.


2) High ball glassware: Normally is straight glass cup for juice drinking or cocktail drinking.


3) Champagne glassware: Normally is for champagne drinking and sparkling wine with saucer champagne glass, flute champagne glass 

and tulip champagne glasss. It’s used for bar and party.


4) Brandy glassware: Normally with 6oz for drinking brandy before or after meal.


5) Cocktail glassware: Also named martini glassware, it’s necessary for bar or home wine cabinet. The most popular is 2oz martini glassware. 

Also have other cocktail glassware name margarita glassware.


6) Red wine glassware: Normally used for red wine with 10oz to 12oz. Have spheroidal shape, burgundy shape and Bordeaux shape.


7) White wine glassware: Normally with 8oz to 10oz is suitable because white wine need to have cold storage so glassware need to be more 

smaller for keep temperature of wine.


So do you know how many types of glassware have now?

Do you know how many types glassware have