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Do you know how to distinguish good wine glasses from bad ones?

Pulished on Mar. 21, 2019

  As we all know, wine culture has a very long history, today, people still have been passing on, when it comes to wine, we will go to drink wine. No matter what kind of wine glass will be used,  when choosing and buying wine glass cup, how should we distinguish? Today, we will tell everyone to choose red wine glass cup from several aspects. Hope that it will help you with distinguishing.

1.Judging by color

The color of the glass does not affect the taste of the wine, but it does affect how to observe the color of the wine. Looking at colour is the first step in the appreciation of a wine. It gives you a general idea of the colour of the wine by judging its hue, clarity and colour concentration. A good wine glass should be clear and transparent, and should not affect the color of your wine. Colored, patterned or angled glasses are very bad. Clarity, transparency, simplicity, and roundness are the qualities of a good glass.

 Do you know how to distinguish good wine glasses from bad ones?cid=3

2.Judging by materials

The material of the glass can also affect the taste of the wine. You can pour the same wine into plastic glass, glass glass and crystal glass for a different wine tasting experience. Glasses made of plastic are light, have poor texture and lack clarity and transparency.  Wine glasses made of glass are less transparent. A good glass made of crystal is much more transparent than ordinary glass.

Do you know how to distinguish good wine glasses from bad ones?cid=3

3.Judging by thickness

A very thick glass can create an optical illusion that affects your perception of color and clarity. Even a crystal cup should be as thin as possible. In addition, the thin cup allows the wine to flow into the mouth in the same state, reaching the taste buds. At this time, more wine is in contact with the air in the mouth, and more wine reacts with the taste buds.