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Seven small ways of drinking whisky

Pulished on Mar. 21, 2019

In fact, drinking whisky is not as complicated as you think. Seven small ways, including teaching and learning, are only a little more complicated than eating Oreos.

Seven small ways of drinking whisky


Seven small ways of drinking whisky

If you want to taste the purest aroma and taste of whisky, pure drinking is definitely the best choice.

At first smell the aroma floating out of the glass, and then take a sip carefully. The aromatic flavor will spread in the mouth instantly.

After tasting the first bite, don't try so hard to continue to taste, it is best to drink a mouthful of water, beer and other drinks, purify the taste, at the same time also can dilute the whisky in the stomach, to avoid drunkenness.

Twice up

Seven small ways of drinking whisky

Water is mixed with whiskey in equal amount, usually 1: 1. Gently shake the glass to disperse the bouquet before drinking.

Adding water is a way to taste the aroma of wine, but normal temperature water and mineral water should be used instead of cooling water and tap water, so the fragrance of whisky will be difficult to highlight.

On the rock

Seven small ways of drinking whisky

Put a large piece of ice into the ice drinking cup, then pour whiskey into it, and drink after gently mixing.

Because a large piece of whole ice melts slower than crushed ice, and round ice is slower than ice. Therefore, in recent years, spherical ice has become more and more popular.

Whisky & Water

Seven small ways of drinking whisky

Although they are all filled with water, they are different from the previous ones.

Water is a mixture of whiskey and water in a ratio of 1: 3 or 1: 4, which can be blended into the most suitable whiskey according to personal preference.


Seven small ways of drinking whisky

Also known as " Highball", whisky is drunk with soda water, ice cubes and lemon. strictly speaking, it is a blending method for cocktails.

How to better match soda water? There is a little trick, when pouring soda water, it is not poured directly on the ice, but poured slowly from the edge of the glass, so that soda water and whisky will naturally blend.

On the contrary, if soda water is directly injected onto ice cubes, the carbonic acid gas in soda will soon disappear.

Rusty nail

Seven small ways of drinking whisky

Whisky and Doolittle liqueur are in a ratio of 3: 2. Pour Scotch whisky into an iced glass, add Doolittle liqueur, and finally stir to serve.

Whisky & coke

A moderate amount of cola is blended with whisky. Coke's smooth feeling is combined with whisky's sweet aroma. The taste is fresh and elegant, and you can drink several cups casually.

So do you get it? Apply it to your daily right now!

Finally, i think high quality glass cup should be filled with good whisky, do you know?

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