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Do you know the usage of glass decanter and how to choose glass decanter?

Pulished on Jul. 30, 2021

When drinking red wine in winery cellars, clubhouse cellars, private cellars, or other bars, it is common not to drink directly after opening the bottle, but by pouring the wine into a decanter and then pouring it out. In fact, this separates the wine from the sediment, leaving the sediment at the bottom of the bottle. This process is called sober up, commonly known as "changing bottles". Sober up is to let the wine come into contact with the oxygen in the air for a period of time, so that the aroma and taste of the wine are more pleasant, and the new wine will be more round after sober up.

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The decanter is a kind of utensil used when drinking newly fermented wine. Its function is to bring the wine into contact with the air, to give full play to the aroma of the wine, and to separate the precipitates in the wine, also known as the awakening bottle or awakening pot.

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The shape of decanters is elegant, and the most traditional and real one is generally long neck and big belly, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, a bit like a chemical instrument, and the wide conical space allows the wine to get the fullest contact with the air. With the change of fashion trends, a variety of new styles of alcohol awakening devices emerge endlessly and combined with beautiful decoration, make the table showing delicious wine more elegant.
The decanter is made of more material than glass or crystal utensils. In addition to the decorative function of matching a complete set with a crystal wine glass, its importance lies in that its texture often determines your first impression of the color of the wine in your hands. The glittering luster and elegant lines can make such a long waiting process become full of beautiful expectations.

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So how do we choose a sober?
According to different wines, the decanter can be divided into red wine, white wine, and peach grape, and there are differences in usage among them.
One of the most practical styles in a typical decanter is used to isolate sediments. You can usually hold a 750 ml bottle of red wine, which is 23 centimeters long in diameter, leaving enough room in the bottle to oxidize the wine while retaining the aroma of the wine in the bottle.
The fashionable sober is in the shape of a wine cup, and its function also achieves the effect of effective oxidation and precipitation and reduces the occupation of the table. In addition, it can also be used to hold fruit juices, cocktails, Sangria, and so on.
The white wine awakening device is in the depression at the bottom of the bottle and holds another small glass container for holding ice cubes, which rely on the contact between the ice cubes and the decanter wall to maintain the coolness of the glass wine. It is specially designed to keep wines cold, such as white wines from Alsace, Burgundy, and Bordeaux, or red wines from the Loire.
Peach wine type alcohol awakening device and white wine type alcohol awakening device can be used to maintain the coolness of white wine or peach wine during meals. if it is used for some red wines that need to be frozen, put 3-4 ice cubes in the ice container at the bottom of the bottle.
The function of the alcohol awakening device is to awaken the vitality of the wine, and the wine cellar and various wine tasting places are equipped. The operation of sobering up can keep the wine to be tasted at its best, and the ritual feeling brought by sober up will add to the atmosphere of wine tasting in the cellar and bring magical charm instantly.

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