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Do you what Garbo Glassware’s sales do every day?

Pulished on Jul. 24, 2020

Hi guys, this is Emma from Garbo glassware in China. Garbo is one of the leading suppliers of household glassware supplier in China with our over 27 years experienced. In order to expand our business range, we also develop some ceramic and cutlery dinnerware for our customers.

For traditonal trade, people will visit each business partner face to face to improve the communication and know more about the detail person you do business with. But now, we can just still in our own county then talk by email or any other instant communication app. You will not use it more than now. So Internet business is becoming a trend today.

Today I am going to share with you our daily work as overseas sales in such a tough time due to the Corona this year.

  • SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

Which is a way of adjusting a website and improving the ranking of the target website in the relevant search engines by understanding the operating rules of the search engines? We are participants of the SEO. Garbo glassware has our own website, we post not only products but also some news about our company. There are professional guys who know the rules of Google, and he is the operator of our web www.garboglass.com. There is daily duty for us to help to do the optimization of the web. Throughput more info on our web and know what google likes to improve the exposure of our web and bring the business opportunity.

For example, when we post a glass cup on our website, we will write some details to describe the cup, when people use some same worlds to search, then these products may be found.

  • Internet social marketing

There are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin..., for all these social apps, not just for social, same as the QQ, Wechat in China, you can make some advertisement on it, share to you friends, and find friends who may be your business partner. And for instant communication.

So we will share our glass cup, mug, bowl, any good product on it and share our life to them, then you will know more about me and our company, it will help to build a trusted relationship between us


  • B2B platform

This must be an important way to do business today. You can post products in Alibaba, Madeinchina, global source, Amazon, Walmart, or any other online business platform, pay for it, work for it, then you will get an inquiry from the customer who has a strong will to do the business. Firstly, you should optimize what you post to improve the range of your products which is quite the same with SEO.

Furthermore, we keep talking with the customer, reply to any kind of question of our products and send a price list, do what we can do to meet customers' demands to make a deal with each other. We glad that our customer trusts us, thanks for all your cooperation.

What else will you do?