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Does the glass vase need maintenance? How to maintain it?

Pulished on Feb. 15, 2019

In today's home life, vases have become a very common accessory in our home.

Does the glass vase need maintenance? How to maintain it?

In today's home furnishing market, there are many different kinds of material and a  variety of styles for vase. Divided by material, there are different classifications such as glass vases, ceramic vases and crystal vases.

A vase is actually a kind of container. The most common vase is the above three kinds of vases mentioned. Among them, glass vases are the most common. Because the glass vase is more flower-raising than the vases of other materials, it is good for the protection of flowers, and the degree of vividness of the flowers can be made longer. So, does the glass vase need maintenance during daily use? How to carry out maintenance.

Does the glass vase need maintenance? How to maintain it?

How to maintain the vase

The maintenance of the glass vase is to make the glass vase better, to maintain its normal use time and even extend its use time. Generally speaking,the permeability and brightness of the glass are very good. In our daily life, when cleaning the glass vase, the first step is to use water, remember that the water is soaked in the glass vase first, then take the appropriate amount of salt on the finger, then gently follow the direction with one finger.As the salt is slowly melted by the water, the dirt on the glass vase bottle will slowly change with the wiping. Then, after cleaning the glass vase with water, the glass vase will be the same as before,translucent. This method can be used for daily cleaning. 

If you see the vase bottle is dirty, just need wipe it off with a damp cloth. The flowers and water in the glass vase should be replaced frequently. And when replacing, you can wash the glass vase by the way. This will ensure the long-term use of the glass vase.

How to choose glass vase

1.First of all, check to see if the bottom of the vase is stable. Place the vase on a flat surface and gently touch it with your hand to see if the vase will shake. If it is swaying, it is definitely not a good vase. If it can stand up firmly, it is a vase of better quality.

2.Check if the color of the bottle is uniform or not, especially for a colored glass vase.

3.Check if there are a large number of air bubbles in the surface of the vase (except for intentionally made bubble-like vases). If the bubbles are large and concentrated together, it is not a good one; And if the diameter of the bubbles is too large, neither not a good one. (The number of bubbles and the size of the bubble are relative to the size of the vase)

4.Check if the mouth of glass vase is flat or not.

Does the glass vase need maintenance? How to maintain it?

Hope above tips can help you, to make your home more  beautiful!