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What did you use for drinking water when you were a little kid?

Pulished on Aug. 20, 2019

What did you use for drinking water when you were a little kid?

I do not know when I began to drink water with glass cup, especially in making tea, to watch the tea leaves flow on the glass cup, which will lead to a reverie. I like this moment because I will feel casual and comfortable in my life.

However, I only like the glass cup without handle because I can hold the whole glass body and feel its temperature, to feel its existence, which seems to hold all over the world in my hand.

Have you still remembered what tools were used for water drinking when you were a little kid?  In my reminiscence, there are just two tools for drinking water, one is mug with metal paint that is always paint removed at the bottom or body rim. Maybe it will also dent, but it still can be used for drinking water that seems it can be used for good.

I have changed to use glass mug with handle after growing up. And i put it carefully because it is easy to be broken . What I liked most at that time was the kind of cup that could print the photos I liked. It feels romantic and warm all the time. When you need to drink water, you will see that water is a necessity for the survival of living, and the existence of this cup guarantees that you can have the necessary items, although i have never had such a cup. It seems that it can only be a dream.

In the age of using a teapot, it is not easy to be crashed and a lot of water can be contained that You can drink enough at one time, and even dump it occasionally. Even it's off paint but it still can be used for drinking.

In the time of using the mug, it is not too big but it is enough. However, . at first glance, it is always attracted by the pattern on the surface of the cup that I don’t know how much water is left in it. It is always put in a safe place in case of breaking inadvertently.

But now, it changes to glass cups that can be clearly seen through. There are a variety of shapes and colors. You can choose to hold smooth surface of the cup without handle or hold the handle cup when you drink hot water. Both of them are transparent that can be seen through the water in the cup.

Maybe we will never back to the age of teapot and mug, but we can keep our memory and open a new age for using glass cup.

The glass cup can be empty or filled with water, clear or colorful, simple or designed. It seems that countless possibilities in it, which means you also have many choices for it.

However, what kind of glass cups are you using now? Clear or colorful? Simple or designed? With handle or not? No matter what glass cups you use, it will make your choice be correct and satisfied.