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Everything You Need to Know about Tea glasses, Explained

Pulished on Jan. 17, 2020

    Tea was discovered firstin Southwest China during the Shang dynasty, where it was used as a medicinal drink. An early credible record of tea drinking dates to the 3rd century AD, in a medical text written by Hua Tuo.


History of tea :

Tea is an aromatic drink prepared by infusing dried tea leaves, an evergreen shrub native to the eastern foothills of the Himalayas (Assam, Yunnan, northern Myanmar and Thailand). It has been consumed there since Antiquity, then spread to Japan and the Arab world in the ninth century and to Europe in the sixteenth century. Tea is the most common drink in the world after water in the 20th century. It can take very diverse forms, providing a wide range of aromatic, gustatory or thirst-quenching drinks, obtained by infusion or percolation of water on various preparations from the small leaves and buds of the tea plant.

Different types of tea :

yellow, white and post-fermented. They do not come from different species of tea plant, as has long been believed in the West, but are obtained by treating the harvested leaves differently.

Let's start with a little reminder of the different kinds of teas. The images below will allow you to determine your tea preferences and their health benefits.

 Everything You Need to Know about Tea, Explained


Different types of tea glass: 

Small glasses are often used for Moroccan tea. Large glasses (fruit juice style) are used more in America. TEA CUP DESIGNS There are essentially two main designs of teacups, Those with handles and those without. The style with handles can vary greatly from simple to ornate depending on the material the tea cup is made from as well as the purpose of the cup. Teacups used for formal tea ceremonies tend to have more decorative designs and handles.  Tea cups without handles are actually known as tea bowls. Tea bowls are common in Asian tea culture and are often much smaller in size than tea cups with handles. There are various types of tea bowls ranging from iron , ceramics and wooden bowls to triangular and four-sided tea bowls. All are used to prepare and drink tea from.

 Finally the glass is also used for Chinese, Moroccan and Egyptian  green tea, this allows you to observe the tea leaves go up and down in the glass. Here in Garboglass we have made a selection of images to help you choose the right cup of tea for each type of leaves , also the different tea cup used in different cultures and countries , we also made a rank list of the top 10 most loving tea countries around the world , you can also purchase those products in our website www.garboglass.com 



Everything You Need to Know about Tea, Explained 


 Offering tea to guests is part of Turkish hospitality.  Turkish tea is traditionally offered in small tulip-shaped glasses which are usually held by the rim, in order to save the drinker's fingertips from being burned, as the tea is served boiling hot.


Everything You Need to Know about Tea, Explained

    From my humble experience in china i have noticed that the tea sets comes in so many different types and designs , but today ill introduce the one that really marked me though my journey in the middle country , the porcelain set.

Chinese tea cups are containers utilized for drinking,  they  are an essential part for tea; for our daily use and for entertaining purposes. If you like the natural color and texture of Chinese tea cups, here are range of it which great gifts for friends, families or yourself.


United kingdom

Everything You Need to Know about Tea, Explained


 Most of the time in the UK, tea is brewed directly in a mug with the tea bag. Then, milk and sugar are added if needed. Most British people drink a lot of tea this way, starting with the first cup of the day upon waking. Tea often comes with a biscuit, a sandwich or a slice of cake when. This is a very typical British tea culture



Everything You Need to Know about Tea, Explained

Everything You Need to Know about Tea, Explained

    Chaikhanehs come in all shapes and forms, from the simple kitchen-turned-tea room in villages to ornate venues in urban centres, and from underground venues to popular tourist destinations. Also you can use  a nice china teapot, loose tea, a couple of cardamom and some rose petals, Enjoy



Everything You Need to Know about Tea, Explained

    An essential element in the tasting of mint tea in the Maghreb, the Moroccan tea glass is often very colorful to remind us of the joy and conviviality of the Moroccan tea tradition.

When you book an activity with Dunes & Desert (camel ride, quad or buggy outing, hike in the Atlas and even hot air balloon ride), a break with the locals is planned midway (the noon for day activities, either in the morning or afternoon tea for half days). The perfect opportunity to test the real mint tea, made by Moroccans, with all the hospitality that characterizes them



Everything You Need to Know about Tea, Explained

     At the cafe, the chaï(tea) is served on a tin plate containing: the enamel teapot, a glass of unsweetened tea, a glass of cold water, a cup of powdered sugar, a spoon and, sometimes, a glass containing mint. The glass is straight, as in Morocco, but decorated with white patterns and golden lines, and accompanied by a teapot.



Everything You Need to Know about Tea, Explained

Yunomi (湯のみ) is the term for Japanese tea cups; the cups are handle-less, rather small and cylindrical in shape. Incidentally, the name "yunomi" has nothing to do with tea, but is derived from the description of the item. ... If you would like a porcelain or pottery souvenir from Japan, yunomi cups are perfect