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FAQs About Importing Glass from China

Pulished on Oct. 22, 2022

FAQs About Importing Glass from China

FAQs About Importing Glass from China


1. Is the quality of glass from China good?

Yes. As far as the glassware is concerned, China has the largest market share and is the market leader in exporting glass to all over the world. This is the reason that they do maintain high quality standards in glassware products.


2. What are the materials of Chinese glass?

1. Soda lime material. Because products such as glass cups and pots are daily necessities, some customers wanna get them with low price, so there are alternatives to the material of glass, which can reduce the price very well. The materials of soda lime glass has three levels, they are ordinary white, medium white and high white. According to the current technology of glass in China, the material color of the glass is very bright and clear, which is deserved to purchase them.

2. Borosilicate material. The material of borosilicate glass is relatively heat-resistant that you can put it into microwave ovens and ovens. Therefore, the factory will use borosilicate material for those products such as baking plate, baking bowls, glass lunch bowls, and double wall glass cups.

3. Tempered glass. Some customers require the glass to be more heat-resistant and shock-resistant, so they require the glass to be tempered to be more safe.


3. How many post-processing techniques in China

1. Gold rim. First, because we use the technique to gold rim on the surface, so they can't be for washing machine use. Second, please do not clean the glass with nylon brush, metal brush or rough detergent etc. as the gold will fade out, please clean with a soft sponge &neutral cleaning agent.Please wash the gold rim or golden decal gently.

2. Ion electroplating: Electroplating is a part of the post-processing process.when you do the ion plating post-processing on the clear glass, the color will be more vivid and colorful, which will show a very shinning effect.

3. Spraying color: When the customer requests a special color such as pink, gray, etc., we will use the spraying color process to modify it and make it show the effect that the customer required.

4. Temperature: When the customer requires the glass to be heat-resistant, cold-resistant and shock-resistant, we will temper the glass and make it meet the customer's requirements.

5. Decal: When customers want to customize their own logo on the glass cup or glass bowl, we can use the decal process to deal with it. The color of the decal can be very complex, so when the customer's logo color is very complex, we recommend the decal process.

6. Printing: If the customer's logo color is very simple and can be controlled in 2-3 colors, we will recommend printing. Because the print is customized by machine, the price will be a bit cheaper than the decal. In addition to printing and decals the logo on the glass, we can also customize the logo by laser, engraving, etc.


4. Is glassware from China pass the food test?

The clear and solid glassware are sure to pass the food test and you can enjoy your dinner without any worry. But for some special colors like pink and gray, we will spray color on the glass, but it is recommended to be 2cm away from the mouth of the cup, which is not suggest to touch the food and mouth.


5. Who are the famous glass suppliers in China?

"GARBO GLASSWARE" is the NO.1 supplier selling glassware in domestic China for about 30 years, you may please check our web site:www.garboglass.com 
We have our own factory and the biggest warehouse in China. so that you can buy small quantity and ship immediately.

We have daily used glassware such as glass tumbler, beer glass, shot glass, glass goblet, whisky glass,high ball glass,glass candy jar, glass bowl and plate, for you to choose.

 This is the clear glass without any post-processing technique:FAQs About Importing Glass from China

This is the solid color glass cup, which is limited in the color:

FAQs About Importing Glass from China

This is the gold rim products:

FAQs About Importing Glass from China

This is the spraying color products:

FAQs About Importing Glass from China

This is the printing/decal glass products:

FAQs About Importing Glass from China

This is the ion plating glass products:

FAQs About Importing Glass from China

And this is the double wall glass cup products:

FAQs About Importing Glass from China