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Fresh-keeping box makes your life better

Pulished on Sep. 19, 2020

Fresh-keeping box boxes make your life better

Fresh-keeping box boxes make your life better

The fresh-keeping box is mainly used for food preservation. It is not only convenient and practical but also can store food in different categories. Fresh-keeping boxes can be kept in the refrigerator for cold storage, heated in the microwave, or washed in the dishwasher.

The square fresh-keeping box is suitable for the refrigerator door and can be used to store all kinds of seasonings and leftovers. Because of the water plate, the rectangular fresh-keeping box is easy to store hydrated food, such as fruits, vegetables, and seafood. Round boxes are suitable for storing sauces, sauces, and all kinds of side dishes. The use of all kinds of fresh-keeping boxes not only makes the refrigerator tidier but also makes the food in the best fresh-keeping state for a long time.

The material of the fresh-keeping box is divided into plastic and glass, glass has many advantages over plastic, plastic can not be high temperature and put into the microwave oven, otherwise, it will deform or produce harmful chemicals.

The fresh-keeping box of glass is more environmentally friendly and healthy. because of its high heat resistance, it can be heated in the microwave oven or directly.

Fresh-keeping box boxes make your life better

Fresh-keeping box boxes make your life better

What is the use of a fresh-keeping box?

1. Prevent the release of water and play the role of sealing.

2. Prevent the food from losing its original flavor when it is stored.

3. Isolate the air to prevent food from oxidizing (infection).

Fresh-keeping box boxes make your life better

What should we pay attention to when using fresh-keeping boxes?

1. Plastic fresh-keeping boxes should not be put into microwave ovens and ovens because plastic can produce substances that are harmful to the human body at high temperatures.

If you often use microwave cooking, it is best to choose a glass box.

2. The preservation time of different foods is different, do not rely solely on the sealing ability of fresh-keeping boxes, should be eaten as soon as possible.

3. When you put it into the microwave oven, you must first release the box lid bonding device before use.

If used after locking the lid, the fresh-keeping box will deform or burst due to pressure.

4. Hot food will inflate the air and reduce the sealing performance of the box, so you should wait for the food to cool before storing it.

The bubbles of carbonated drinks (soda, cola, etc.) will lose the sealing ability of the fresh-keeping box, please do not store it in the fresh-keeping box.

Fresh-keeping box boxes make your life better