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Garbo bakeware for your sheet pan meal

Pulished on Dec. 20, 2019

Garbo bakeware for your sheet pan meal

Made in China Pyrex Garbo clear Baking bowl with Lid

Do you have an oven in your home? Whenever you don’t know what to do at home, you can try a sheet pan meal, 

just handle the ingredients and put them in the oven and wait for the delicious food.  

What are the advantages of a baking pan and what kind of baking pan is more suitable?

Advantages of baking dish:

Garbo bakeware for your sheet pan meal

1. You can make a meal with only one baking sheet, without any pots. 

If you do n’t want to discard, you can also enjoy it directly in the baking dish, and even the dishes are saved.

2. The cooking time is relatively short. Because all you really need to do is cut the ingredients and place them in the baking tray. 

The main cooking tasks are then automatically completed by the oven. You can free your hands and mind to do whatever you want.

Garbo bakeware for your sheet pan meal

3. After eating, just wash a baking sheet (if you eat directly in the baking sheet). And because the baking paper was spread, 

after baking, the baking paper and the leftover rapeseed residue were wrapped and thrown away, 

and the rest of the baking tray was actually not dirty and could be washed soon.

Note: Be sure to spread baking paper or aluminum foil paper. It is more difficult to clean the food directly by touching it with the baking sheet.

Garbo bakeware for your sheet pan meal

4. Oven cooking can give better play to the flavor of the ingredients. It can also be very delicious with less oil and less salt. 

If you can prepare dishes according to the basic matching rules to be described next, nutritional matching will be more balanced, 

and healthy cooking can be done effortlessly.

5. For new kitchen enthusiasts who are not good at Chinese cooking, the skill level of baking pan cooking is very low: 

cut the leftovers in the refrigerator and cut it, put it in the baking pan, sprinkle some seasoning or sauce, and bake it. 

And a hearty dinner is done.

Garbo bakeware for your sheet pan meal

6. Baking dishes can not only be used as a fast food dinner, but also suitable for standing bento dishes, 

because there is less juice, it is suitable for refrigerated storage, and it is also suitable for putting in a bento box.

Garbo bakeware for your sheet pan meal

Does it have any disadvantages? There is also a hard word: You need to have an oven. 

So the question is, what kind of baking dish is suitable?

Garbo bakeware for your sheet pan meal

1.Shape distinction

a.Square baking pan: Because the four corners of the square baking pan have a large curvature and there are tips, 

their heat distribution gradient will have a maximum value and the heating will be faster.

Garbo bakeware for your sheet pan meal

b.Round baking pan: It has continuous rotation symmetry, that is, it can return to itself no matter how many degrees you turn. 

This determines that his heat distribution must also be uniformly angular.

Garbo bakeware for your sheet pan meal

Conclusion: The square baking pan will heat up faster than the round baking pan, but the four corners and edges are easier to bake, 

and the round baking pan is not easy to bake if it is evenly heated.

Garbo bakeware for your sheet pan meal

2. Material distinction

a. glass baking dish

Crystal clear, full of visual beauty, and easy to clean; high borosilicate temperature resistance is very good, 

you can enter the oven microwave oven, will not release toxic substances, known as the most environmentally friendly material!

Garbo bakeware for your sheet pan meal

b. Silicone baking dish

The appearance color wins, plus non-stick and non-stick, easy to clean; however, some crude silicone baking pans 

will release phthalate-containing silicone oil during baking, causing harm to health.

Garbo bakeware for your sheet pan meal

c. ceramic baking dish

High appearance value and high heat resistance, up to 800 ℃; however, ceramics are heavy, 

and some inferior ceramics can also produce toxins when baked at high temperature.


d. Aluminum alloy baking dish

Thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance, and one-piece molding are easy to clean; however, 

an aluminum alloy baking tray that has been treated with an anodizing process should be selected. 

The metal is stable and difficult to release harmful substances.

Garbo bakeware for your sheet pan meal

e. Carbon steel baking dish

High safety, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning, thermal conductivity is slightly worse than aluminum alloy baking pan; 

however, it is more expensive and there are fewer brands to choose from.

Garbo bakeware for your sheet pan meal

To sum up, glass is the best and highest quality choice, both beautiful and practical, and environmentally friendly. 

Please note that the material of the baking tray selected into the oven and microwave oven must be high borosilicate heat-resistant glass. 

Ordinary soda-lime glass cannot bear it. Garbo glass will provide you products with quality products and services!

Garbo bakeware for your sheet pan meal

Garbo bakeware for your sheet pan meal