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Glass storage jar makes life clean and comfortable

Pulished on Aug. 31, 2019

customized glass food storage jars

Why Storage Jars Made of Glass is Better Than Plastic

In our lives, there will always be many small objects or some snacks, or some spices in the kitchen, which usually looks mess and makes people feel uncomfortable. And if you are a storage person, you will definitely use some delicate and practical storage tanks to store these small things, making the home look more clean and comfortable.

The clever use of bottles, jars and cans is definitely a winning trick for home storage. Let's take a look at the small and beautiful storage tanks.

Glass storage jar makes life clean and comfortable

To Maintain The Taste

Candy, preserves, and sweetmeats, Peanuts, melon seeds, nuts and kernels... Even if it is a senior foodie, the rich snacks can not be eliminated for a while, and need to be stored. At this time, you will need a snack jar. Not only for snack storage, to maintain the taste, but also need to be a thing to highlight your house.

Glass storage jar makes life clean and comfortable

The State Of Food Is Easy To See

The best choice for storage is the glass food container, its transparency. The food can clearly to be seen through the crystal clear bottle. This is convenient for judging whether the snack can continue to eat enough, and there will be no “breaking grain” which is cannot be tolerated. And the high quality water insulation is ideal for storing snacks.

customized borosilicate glass food storage jars

Damp-proof and insect-proof

The food is easy to get wet, easy to attract insects? It doesn't matter, the glass storage would let the troubles all throw away! The simplest design and the most convenient function make the food lasting preservation become possible. Large-capacity storage, high-quality fresh-keeping, can be the best choice for the preferred home life, the magic of family health care.

Glass airtight storage jar: good sealing, glass material or high borosilicate glass material, in different shape, also have many different kind of lid for your choice.Also food safe grade to make you reassuring.

Glass storage jar makes life clean and comfortable

The snap-on storage tank is also convenient to use, just open the tabs on both sides, without having to rotate the cap, and the item can be stored in one second. It also has a built-in sealing rubber ring that prevents the outside air from entering and discharges the rest of the bottle to keep the food fresh.

Glass storage jar makes life clean and comfortable

Keep The Food Fresh

The ingenious use of storage jar not only brings neatness to the home, but also can be used as a work of art to decorate at home, and it is also interesting to watch.

Glass storage jar makes life clean and comfortable