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High-end beads design wine glass goblet with spray color

Pulished on Mar. 19, 2022

Luxury wine goblet with spray color

Garbo is one of the largest suppliers in China, we have our own factory, warehouse and export professional team. Our products are cutlery, glassware, ceramics and kitchen utensils.

The glass below is our new product, and it is very popular in Europe, America and the Middle East market. The important key is the design of product itself. The whole color of this goblet is very attractive, we have gray, blue and amber color. But if you need other colors, we can custom it for you. The second is the appearance design of the goblet, there are many beads on the outside of the glass,, which enhance the whole design into a higher level and attract the customers very easily. Whats more, the design of the beads is still about 2CM away from the mouth, so you don't worry that it will affect your experience of eating. The third point is the stem of the goblet, there is a bigger bead on the top of the stem to make it easier for customers to hold it. The fourth point is the bottom area of goblet, the bottom area is large, so that it can stand firmly on the table. The color of the cup is produced by the factory, who spray color on glass, so the price is also very benefit for our customers.           

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The port of this goblet is Nanjing Port, and the price of Nanjing Port is also very advantage for customers to ship by sea. If you don't have a professional agent in China, we can recommend you a cheap agent with good service.

This goblet is also very suitable for special holiday gifts, such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Spring Festival, etc. We can customize the color box packaging for you to add a sense of value to your gift.

This luxury glass goblet is made by machine, so the factory will have requirement for MOQ,such as 40HQ quantity. If you are a wholesaler or if you have a large supermarket, this glass goblet is the best choice for you. Because it is a new design and hot selling one in the market now, and the appearance attracts a lot of customers. At the same time, the wall of this goblet is very thick, so it is not easy break. It is not like a crystal goblet whose is thin and very easy to break when you clean or hit it by accident. Whats more, if you need to mix 3 colors into a 40HQ container and want to customize the color box, we have super professional production team that can help you. If you need to change the shape or capacity of the product, we have a team of designers to assist you in developing new products, and arrange sample custom and other operations for you.

In a word, we are not only a mature company, but also we have the best service. When you are interested, please feel free to contact me to place an order for you.