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How does a factory make household glassware?

Pulished on Nov. 24, 2022

How does a factory make household glassware?

Brief introduction of glassware material.

The material of the glassware is sand, heated solid sand to be liquid and then transformed into solid glassware. The material sand is quartz sand(silica sand) then which is also the main material of the glassware. The chemical process of creating glassware is melting the sand about 1600 cent degrees. If the sand is clear enough then the liquid sand and formed glassware will be clear enough.


How is glassware made?

The firstly basic step is to mix Quartz Sand, Soda Ash, and Limestone well, and you can add some other addition to meet give glassware with different functions. The normal glassware is soda lime glass which is not heat resistant. So you can add some Si to make it borosilicate glass which is heat or cold-resistant. And add some color added to make it not just clear and transparent.


Melt the Mixture

Heating the mixtures in a dove with over 1600 cent degrees can melt the sand to liquid. Then it is the molten glass.


Stir the molten glass

There will be some bubbles on the molten glass. Then we need to stir it so well to avoid the bubble which is not good for clear products. And the sodium sulfate can help to remove the bubble so well.


Mold the glass

When the molten glass is ready, we need to mold it to any shape. Cut a molten glass and put it into a mold, when the temperature cools down, a shaped glass is done.


For some machine-made glassware, there will be mold connection on the glass, so we need to use fire to polish it, the glassware will look more clear after polishing so well.

And the last step is to anneal the glassware. After removing stress points then the glass will be ready for final use.