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How To Buy A Good Glass Cup

Pulished on Dec. 18, 2018

Christmas and New Year is coming, do you want to choose a new glass cup for yourself? Let's check how to buy a good glass cup.

How To Buy One Glass Cup?

Because the material of the glass is relatively stable, it is not easy to precipitate some harmful substances, and the glass has the characteristics of transparency and smoothness, which is easy to clean after use. Therefore, the glass is generally regarded as the healthiest drinking water container, it's really a must-have for drinking tea and lemonade.

After all, the glass market is full of variety and the quality is uneven, today we will show a few tips on choosing glasses.

First of all, of course, we must choose the shape and style that we like. Then we can see if the work of the glass is fine, and the exquisite processing technology can guarantee the purity and transparency of the glass. If the glass looks like impurities and bubbles, it will appear rough and affect the aesthetics of the glass.

There is also a need to pay attention to whether there is crack in the inner and outer layers of the glass. Cracked glass is prone to bursting after injecting hot water, which may burn yourself, so be sure to carefully observe whether the cup is cracked when selecting the glass. We can also check the thickness of the glass, some is thin and some is thick. In terms of material and quality, we should try to choose a thicker glass, which is not only heat-insulated to a certain extent, but also anti-wear and break-resistant.


This glass cup is made of borosilicate glass which is very good quality material and food safe. They can withstand the test of 100 ° and -20 °, while ensuring healthy drinking water.

The shape is very beautiful. In terms of cleaning, it is easy to put your hand in to solve the stubborn stains without using the cup brush and other utensils. The grip is comfortable, because of the ergonomic design, you will not feel strenuous when pouring water with one hand. It is very user-friendly in design.



Although this glass design looks a bit old-fashioned, it does not affect its excellent quality. Its borosilicate heat-resistant glass cup can withstand the temperature difference between -20 degrees and 120 degrees. Even if it is taken out of the refrigerator and frozen for 6 hours, it can be safely poured with 100-degree boiling water. All these make you feel safer when using it.


In addition to the borosilicate glass used in the cup, the glass cup cover is made of austenitic stainless steel with food grade silicone seals, which will bring you a healthy and comfortable drinking experience. The double-layer insulation design is perfect for people who like hot drinks.  

The last thing is to check the material. There are many kinds of glass materials on the market, but the preferred material for high-end and delicate glass is borosilicate glass. This glass has excellent heat and cold resistance, wear resistance and drop resistance. It does not cause the glass exploded due to the big temperature difference.