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How to choose a more suitable water drinking cups in the hot summer?

Pulished on Jun. 18, 2022

Water is an important part of the human body. People drink a lot of water every day. As a necessity for us to drink water, water cups have a variety of materials to choose from, and the advantages and disadvantages of different materials are also different. So let's talk about the characteristics of plastic cups, glass cups, and ceramic cups in daily life. Which kind of cup is more healthy and more suitable for your daily water cup? 

1. Glass cup: 

The glass is made of high borosilicate glass at a high temperature of more than 600 degrees. It is cheap and beautiful and can be seen everywhere in life. It is favored not only by the broad masses of young people but also by the elderly. The glass itself does not contain organic chemicals, even if 100 degrees of boiling water is added, it will not deform, let alone change its own chemical molecular structure, so it will not cause harm to the body. In addition, glass cups are easier to clean than other types of water cups. Secondly, because of its high stability, the safety factor of the glass is relatively high. But when in use, we should be careful not to inject hot water into the colder glass. In addition, the thermal insulation of the glass is not strong, so children should be careful not to burn it when using the glass. However, at present, some improvements have been made to the poor thermal insulation of the glass, such as the use of double glass, which greatly reduces the thermal conductivity of the glass. Although the double glass has more advantages, the price is also higher than that of the ordinary glass. Some merchants will also give away thermal insulation cups when selling glasses. I believe buyers will not refuse good-looking thermal insulation cups, not to mention free of charge, which to a large extent solves the problem of poor thermal insulation of glass water cups. Due to the intensification of market competition and changes in the sales environment, there are more colorful and colorful glasses on the market, which is also one of the ways for businesses to attract the attention of buyers. Many young people prefer this kind of ingenious glass cup, but this kind of colored cup is not suitable for daily drinking water. Too much paint on the water cup or chromium in the water cup will do harm to the body and even affect respiratory health. Parents should be more careful not to let their children drink water from this glass cup. 

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2. Plastic water cup:

With the improvement of residents' living standards and the popularization of health knowledge, fewer and fewer people use plastic water cups to drink water. Plastic water cups in supermarkets are used as dental cups. Here we suggest that if you have to drink water from a plastic cup, you can first add some cold water, and then add some boiled water. Because no matter how good the quality of the plastic water cup is, its essence is some easily decomposed chemicals, so be careful when using it, and the service life of the plastic water cup should not be too long, otherwise adding hot water will aggravate the release of toxins. 

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3. Ceramic cups. 

Ceramic cups are water cups made of clay or other inorganic non-metallic materials, which are exquisite in appearance and cheap in price, but the quality of ceramic cups on the market is uneven. In the process of purchase, we should pay attention to the appearance of color, the bottom of the cup, and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. 

In general, the whiter the ceramic cup is, the less its components and inorganic chemicals are, and the less harm it will do to the human body. Therefore, do not buy some ceramic cups because of their bright colors and good looks. Health is the most important thing to know. At the time of purchase, we should also pay attention to observing whether the ceramic cup has dropped porcelain and sticky glaze, so as to observe whether the thickness of the ceramic cup is uniform. Because manufacturers in mass production will inevitably appear some low-quality ceramic products into the market, this time to open your eyes and choose well. As for the question of whether the ceramic cup can be put into boiling water and whether it can be used for heating in the microwave oven, it should also be divided according to different situations. In general, the ceramic cup heated in the microwave oven will not break or explode, but if the ceramic cup is used for a long time, or when it contains more inorganic components, it will lead to cracks in the cup body. 

How to choose a more suitable water drinking cups in the hot summer?cid=3

Therefore, you can try to choose glasses and ceramic cups as your daily water cups, they rarely produce harmful substances and damage your health.