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5 ways to choose high quality wine glass cups

Pulished on Jun. 08, 2020

According to different materials and shapes, red wine cups will have different effects on the taste of red wine. Therefore, to have a perfect experience, you need to choose a suitable wine cup. However, for regular drinkers, the selection of wine cups is generally different. There are all kinds of red wine glasses on the market from 10 yuan to thousands. How to choose from them?

How to choose high quality wine glass cups

1.The glass must be smooth and bright.

When tasting wine, observing the color of the wine is also part of the enjoyment process. The color of the wine can also reflect the quality of the wine to a certain extent, such as the type of grape selected to make the wine, the year of the wine and other similar information.  Accordingly, the effect of red wine glasses made of other colored or frosted glass is greatly reduced, while those made of metal materials such as tin and silver are even worse.  I personally think that the cutting of the glass used to make the wine glass will have a negative impact on the performance of the wine, but this is only my personal view. At the same time, the feeling of tasting the wine is closely related to the size and shape of the selected cup (usually the wine glass is too small). If the shape and size of the cup are not appropriate, then it is extremely inappropriate to choose it to taste the wine.

How to choose high quality wine glass cups

2. The glass size can meet the needs.

Secondly, when choosing a red wine glass, please confirm that the glass size you choose can meet your needs.  First of all, the glass you choose should be able to hold enough wine. On the premise of this, there should be enough space for the glass, allowing you to gently shake the glass without spilling the liquor out of the glass.  The action of shaking the liquor can release the fragrance contained in the liquor, so this action is also crucial for wine tasting. The glass is too small, so in order to ensure a sufficient drinking volume, the liquor even needs to be filled to the edge of the glass, so this situation is serious and can not meet the needs of wine tasting.

5 ways to  choose high quality wine glass cups

3.Don't buy a small size cup.

At first glance, a small wine glass looks cute, but drinking red wine with a small wine glass is like eating on a small stool, and the embarrassment will be committed. To avoid embarrassment, buy the usual size. Buy a good glass that can be used for red and white wine. Whether the intention is to buy red wine or white wine, a well-designed red wine glass should have a large enough belly. The big belly of the cup can give the red wine enough space to make the aroma and air blend. The smaller the mouth of the cup can make the wine smell condensed and easy to smell.

How to choose high quality wine glass cups

4.Cup edge must be thin.

Thin the rim of the glass so that the liquid can slide smoothly into your mouth. The rim of the cup is thick, and the liquor is retained. You have to use your mouth to bang, which is neither elegant nor beautiful. Whether the rim is thin enough is also a symbol of the quality of the wine glass.

How to choose high quality wine glass cups

5.Choose a red wine glass with a stem.

There is a place to hold the wine glass only when there is a cup stem. Although some wines need to be warmed by holding the belly of the glass, even if there is a cup stem, it will not be affected. Moreover, most red wines are more suitable for drinking below or equal to room temperature. In addition, the cup stem is more convenient to shake the cup.

How to choose high quality wine glass cups