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What to expect from Garbo Glassware’s online Canton Fair in 2020

Pulished on Jun. 05, 2020

Due to the Covid-19, the international trading business in the whole world is facing an awful situation especially from April when the epidemic began to outbreak in Europe and America. The pandemic caused negative consequences in the traditional west world market, which could be another fatal attack to the economy depression in the west.


China has made so much sacrifice on controlling this scary pandemic over the past few months, we finally saw the victory to be coming. However, not every country in the world is China and not every country is able to assort everything possible to stop this disaster. We have not yet heard any positive news from the west yet, especially the US where cases keep growing everyday, but the same nightmare is haunting south America since May, yet we don’t know anything about Africa where medical supplies are not as good as the rest of the world. To everyone in China like Garbo Glass who is engaged in international trading, the hope is rare.


With the bad situation in the world, China exporters would still try to do anything possible to keep the business. The only way will be internet to connect the world again.


China gov decided to not allow non-essential foreigner entrance, and the traditional spring Canton Fair had been cancelled. With the support from China gov, Canton Fair would be held online instead. Canton Fair administration launched its online platform which is similar to any online B2B platform such as Alibaba.com and made in China.com, but unlike the commercial platforms, Online Canton Fair will be open to those who have authorisation and real booth from the past. Garbo Glassware is one of them, and we’ve prepared well for it.


What to expect from 2020 Online Canton Fair from us? First of all, there will be 10 days in total, from 15th June till 24th June. The online platform provides remote displays from all suppliers, and the timing will be 24 hours along to serve clients from every time zone. Garbo Glassware will present online shows for our 2020 latest designs, classic products. If you follow our camera, you’ll see all our sample rooms for in stock items, classic glassware, new opal glassware, porcelain and stainless steel products. Besides, different creative packaging will be shown to you.

 What to expect from Garbo Glassware’s online Canton Fair in 2020

So if you follow us, there will be final notification for the online Canton Fair entrance soon.By the way, Garbo Glassware will provide English/French/German/Arabic/Spanish/Portuguese /Russian 7 worldwide languages.