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How to use Frence coffee press pot and what is the difference between the French pressure pot and hand-made coffee?

Pulished on Jun. 05, 2020

     Do you like to drink coffee in daily life? Black coffee, white coffee, latte coffee,Mocha or Instant coffee?Buy it directly or make coffee yourself?

     There are many methods to make coffee, using different types of equipment, drip coffee, siphon pot, Moka pot, French filter press pot, electric coffee machine. Among so many kinds of coffee making equipment, what I want to recommend and introduce to you today is our company's new series of French coffee press pots, let you know about its manufacturing method, the difference from manual and its types, etc.


     1. What is the french press coffee maker?

      French press pot, also called filter press pot or coffee filter press pot, is a coffee cooking tool consisting of a glass cup and a metal filter screen. First, pour the ground coffee powder into the pot, then pour hot water, close the lid with the filter, wait a moment, slowly press the handle, the coffee powder will be pushed by the filter to the bottom of the coffee pot, Pour out coffee and drink. In addition to making coffee, the filter pressure pot can also make flower tea and tea drinks.

    2. What is the difference between the French pressure pot and hand-made coffee?

       Which is better, French pressure pot and hand-make coffee? We can distinguish from the following aspects:

       a. Degree of strong taste and light taste 

        French press pot can greatly control the taste of coffee, easy to control the time. In general, the longer the time, the richer the taste. The coffee made from hand-made coffee is not as strong as the French press.

      b.The degree of delicate taste

        When making coffee, the French press often leaks out some coffee powder, so that there will leave some coffee powder in the coffee, which affects the final taste and gives people a feeling of uncleanness. Relatively, hand-making is cleaner. It is up to the individual to control the flow of water and collect press-pot, but there are certain requirements for personal skills.

     c. Price

       For the price, the French pressure pot is relatively cheaper, it is a simple tea maker, the overall structure is relatively simple. And there are many hand-making appliances, which increases the production cost.

     3. How to use press coffee pot?

       The steps of making coffee with a French pressure pot:

        a.Take out the lid of the French pressure pot.

        b.Pour into about 200 grams of hot water for pre-heating. Pour out the hot water and pour the coffee powder into the French pressure pot.

        c.Pour the hot water of ±92 degrees into the French pressure pot according to the ratio of 1:14. At the same time, start timing when the water is injected. After completing pouring the water,  stir quickly about five times, and then, install the lid of the French pressure pot, do not Press filter.

        d.After 5 minutes, slowly press the middle filter to the coffee surface and pour out the coffee. Till now, the coffee-making is finishing.

     4. New series types of the French press pot in Garbo.

        This spring and summer, Garbo International company has displayed a series of French pressure pots. Green, pink, purple and black plastic handle styles, silver, black and rose gold stainless steel styles...And so on.


           Besides the above introducing, we also have many designs of the press pot, and know many tips about making coffee and glassware. Welcome in more contact with us.