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Top 11 ways to clean and select the best decanter

Pulished on Jun. 08, 2020

Nowadays, "How to  clean and select the best decanter", which is very important to the love of wine basic life. 

This news will tell you how to make a luxury life with wine decanter.

The most commonly used method is to stir the beads in the Du decanter to achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning.

Top 11 ways to clean and select the best decanter

11ways to clean the decanter

1. First, rinse the decanter with clear water to remove the residual liquid

2. Pour in the washing liquid. If necessary, add a little water into the decanter.

3. Add beads to the wine decanter.

4. Shake the decanter so that the detergent can fully contact the inner wall of the decanter

5. The washing solution can be fully soaked for several days and shaken regularly

6. Once the washing solution works, the stains on the inner side of the wall of the dissolver will be washed down and the dissolved stains will be taken away at the same time by stirring with bead articles.

7. After confirming that the stain on the inner wall of the decanter has been removed, the beads can be poured out and washed with soapy water (especially after the use of lead particles and steel balls).

8. Brush the neck of the container with a bottle brush, and at the same time, brush the bottom of the bottle as much as possible.

9. Rinse with clean water.

10. Put clear water into the soberer, add a small amount of disinfectant, soak for 15 minutes, and then wash with disinfectant solution.

11. Pour out the disinfectant solution, and then wash it with clean water.

There are two basic forms of decanter: one is a wide flat decanter, of which the common type is a flat belly. This is to make wine have more space to contact with air and produce oxidation effect as soon as possible. This kind of decanter is suitable for new wine or wine with thick tannins and some astringent taste.The other has a narrow flat decanter, which is relatively tall and suitable for aged wine. It plays a role in filtering the precipitation of wine and arousing the sleeping aroma. What kind of decanter to choose mainly depends on whether it is suitable. If you often drink new wines with heavy tannins, you need the first type of decanter. Otherwise, the second type is more suitable.

Top 11 ways to clean and select the best decanter

Three ways to select a high quality wine decanter.

1.When purchasing the decanter, first of all, pay attention to its material, try to avoid metal material, which is easy to have chemical reaction. Transparent crystal glass is a common material, which is often called crystal material, in fact, artificial crystal glass material. It is not only strong and durable, but also has good luster, which can well reflect the color of red wine.Next is through the hand feeling, the real crystal glass, will feel the thick hand feeling in the hand, the ordinary glass is lighter.

2. In addition to the material, the production process of the decanter is also a key consideration.

Because the sobering appliance is not only comfortable to use, but also beautiful in appearance. The technology can be divided into mechanism and manual blowing. The mechanism does not contain bubbles, and the price is relatively cheap, but the shape is limited, and the appearance is relatively simple and not very beautiful. However, the wine sobering apparatus made by manual blowing is very beautiful and full of artistic atmosphere. Because it is in a sealed environment, bubbles will inevitably appear, but it does not affect the overall aesthetics.

3.Material and technology are the key factors to determine its shape, so it is not easy to ignore. But the convenience of cleaning is also a key consideration.Because if the cleaning is not convenient, the next use will definitely affect the taste of red wine more or less, and it is not a one-time thing, and it will not be used next time. In order to better maintain the taste, the decanter must be convenient and clean.

Top 11 ways to clean and select the best decanter