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How to disinfect glass ? glass disinfection method

Pulished on Jun. 04, 2019

We all know that the newly bought glass has a pungent odor, and this odor may be emitted by toxic substances, so the newly purchased glass needs to be cleaned and disinfected before use. So, how to clean and disinfect the newly bought glass? Let's me tell you .

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How to clean the newly bought glass:

1, white wine with hot 60-degree white wine permeated, then coffee tea; into the microwave, 400 watts 10 minutes, naturally cool, 24 hours to fall; the odor of the cup disappeared completely, and can be cleaned very clean .5 Tips for Keeping Glassware Away from Dirty

2. The soaked tea leaves are rubbed with the soaked tea leaves, and the effect is also remarkable.

3, vinegar put the cup into the cold water pot and add some vinegar, it is best to brew vinegar, cook on the fire, the water should not have a cup, add one or two to two vinegar can be, cook until the boil and then cook for twenty minutes . Be sure to cool the water pot. After cooking, you can not only remove lead but also prevent cracking. Generally, the newly purchased ceramic cups will not crack. It is best not to buy those bright colors, those with colored ceramics contain lead, which is inside the paint.

4, boiled (this method can never be used in plastic cups). When boiled, use cold water and boil it, but don't use cold water when you take it out, especially if the glass is easy to burst.

How to clean plastic cups:

However, it is not recommended to use plastic cups, because plastic cups are easy to break down harmful substances when they are hot, and long-term consumption can damage their health. Put a few slices of lemon peel and orange peel in the cup, or a few drops of vinegar, then soak for one night. When the milk expires and cannot be drunk, the rag can be soaked in the inside to wipe the cup, and the dirt can be quickly removed. It is also a good way to soak a night with rice water. This method can also be applied to glass, stainless steel and ceramic cups.

The method of removing the scale from the cup:

Remove the tea scale on the metal tea compartment. When using the metal tea compartment, it will become black due to the tea stain. If it can not be washed with a medium-sized detergent, it can be soaked with vinegar or soaked with bleach. It can be easily descaled.

Remove the tea scale on the teacup or teapot, the teacup, and the teapot will be used for a long time, and it will be easily removed by rubbing a lot of tea stains with sponge and salt. In addition to small pieces of tea scale, it can be immersed in a solution of bleach or cleaning powder and left for one night to remove the tea scale.Transparent glass tableware, delicious at a glance!

After reading this article, i think you all know how to disinfect the glass now , let us have a healthy way to use the glassware . very easy and safty .