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How to make a good taste red wine by yourself with easy tools?

Pulished on Jul. 05, 2022

When summer comes, wine is a necessary drink for people to relieve the heat. You can enjoy a good drinking time with your family and friends. The purpose of this article is to teach you how to make good wine at home.  Here below are some steps to make red wine in your own home:

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1. Choose grapes: be sure to choose fully ripe grapes, but not rotten ones. Such grapes are easy to ferment and the price is relatively low. 

2. Wash grapes: because the grape skin is likely to have residual pesticides, you must clean it. You can take a towel, sift the grapes back and forth in a towel and rinse them with clean water; or gently rub the grapes with salt, soak the grape skins with salt for 20 minutes, pour out the water, add clean water and wash it with cold boiled water later. 

3. Drying grapes: put the washed grapes in a ventilated and cool place to dry to avoid exposure to the sun. 

4. Crush the grapes: pour in the sugar according to the proportion of 10:3, such as 5 kilos of grapes and 1.5 kilos of sugar. 

Then wash your hands, crush the grapes back and forth, squeeze the juice out as much as possible, and mix well with sugar to soak the grapes. 

5. Fermented grapes: choose a suitable container, which can be a ceramic jar or a glass bottle, and pour the crushed grapes and juice into the container for fermentation. be careful that the container is not too full, and it is better not to exceed 70% of the container. 

Cover the seal, but leave a little gap, because gas will be produced during fermentation, and too tight sealing may cause an explosion. 

6. filter grapes: if the grapes in the container turn white after about 1 to 2 weeks, you can use two layers of gauze to filter out grape skins, grape seeds, and other impurities. 

7 secondary fermentation: the filtered grape juice is put into a container for secondary fermentation. The required time varies with the ambient temperature and usually takes 15-30 days. Also, pay attention to the container that can not be sealed, in order to avoid an explosion. 

8, wine storage: after the second fermentation, slightly astringent, slightly lees taste, sweet and sour palatable wine will be born. At this time, the prepared wine can be sealed and preserved in a low temperature and dark place, and some can be poured out to taste when you want to drink it. 

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But it should be noted that the fermentation process of home-brewed wine will produce a lot of gas, do not use plastic bottles, stainless steel, aluminum utensils, etc., to avoid chemical reactions. Need to use glassware or buckets to hold wine to avoid formaldehyde and other gases, we should be careful when brewing and drinking, to avoid such toxic and harmful substances causing harm to the body. 

Although it is affordable to make your own wine, at present, most families have not removed methanol and fusel oil in the process of making wine. People should be careful when making and drinking their own wine to avoid the harm caused by such toxic and harmful substances to their health. So we should be careful not to be poisoned when making our own wine and when drinking it.

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