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How to make colored glassware? Is it safe to use?

Pulished on Aug. 08, 2019

In our real life, we will use a wide variety of daily-use glass products, and glass exists in every corner of our life. The raw material of the glass contains silicon, which makes the glass stable and durable. Glass products are now not only transparent, but also colored glass products. In this article, let's take a look at colored glass, including the method of making colored glass.

What is colored glass and how to distinguish colored glass

                                                                      How to make solid color glassware? Is it safe to use?cid=3

How is colored glass made?

Colored glass, also known as heat-absorbing glass, refers to glass that exhibits different colors when added to a color art glass colorant. Colored glass is a coloring agent added to the glass raw material, resulting in a variety of colors in the glass. The shade of colored glass is mainly affected by the amount of colorant, and the ambient temperature of the process. These factors all affect the color of the glass.

                                                                      How to make solid color glassware? Is it safe to use?cid=3

Is it safe to use colored glasses?

In terms of safety of using, it is better to use a transparent glass.

There are two ways to produce a colored glass: The first method is natural, adding some minerals to the glass material to give the glass a color. The second method is to add pigments, which generally contain heavy metals, which can cause harms to the human body. The quality of some glass decals is not good. If the temperature of the water is too high, toxic substances will be produced, which will pose a certain threat to the health of consumers. So this is why transparent glass is safer than colored glass.