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Learn the physical knowledge from glass cup

Pulished on Jan. 17, 2020

Learn the physical knowledge from glass cup

Everyone love the clear and beautiful glass cup~ But do you know the physical knowledge of the glass cup?

Let us to learn it from below 4 aspects


1.Looking at the object on the other side through the glass with water, you can feel that the object on the other side is enlarged. It shows that the glass of water at this time is equivalent to a magnifying glass, which can form a virtual image that is upright and magnified;

2.Fill a glass with water and place it in the sun, you will find colorful light bands on its back, which illustrates the phenomenon of light dispersion;

3.Put a coin in the glass, the first person backs down until no coin is visible, and then the second person adds water to the glass. As the amount of water gradually increases, the first person will also see "coins". This indicates that light was refracted when it entered the water from the air.

Learn the physical knowledge from glass cup


1.In two identical glasses, one with hot water and another one with cold water, and then a few drops of red ink were added separately. After a while, you will find that the red ink in the hot water cup spreads out quickly. It shows that the higher temperature, the faster the diffusion process, and the irregular movement of the molecules becomes fierce;

2.In summer, put ice cream into glass cup and leave it in the air for a while, and you will find that the outer wall of the glass cup will "sweat". It shows that water vapor in the air liquefies when it is cold.

Learn the physical knowledge from glass cup


1.Fill a glass cup with water, cover it with a piece of cardboard, and turn it upside down. You will find that the cardboard does not fall and water does not flow out. This explained the existence of atmospheric pressure;

2. In a big container filled with water, put a glass cup in it, which will not only sink into the bottom of the container, but also will not sink after putting some stones in the glass cup. This explained that adopting the "hollow" method: increases the volume of draining water and then can increase the available buoyancy;

Learn the physical knowledge from glass cup


Tap the glass cup with the chopsticks gently, you will hear the glass cup make a clear and pleasant sound; But when not tapped, the glass cup will not make a sound. It shows that the sound is produced by the vibration of the sounding body; when the vibration stops, the sound stops.

Above are the physical knowledge when using glass cups, do you also find it?

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