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Office worker: How to choose a lunch box?

Pulished on Mar. 12, 2022

In a busy working day, as an office worker, it is difficult to have enough time for meals and lunch breaks, so ordering takeout becomes a common practice. However, as we all know, take-out has certain security risks! First, the pass rate of take-out lunch boxes is low, and secondly, food safety is difficult to guarantee. In addition, the take-out brother may not pay attention to the hygiene of food delivery during the delivery process, resulting in secondary pollution. Bringing your own lunch is healthier than ordering take-out. As long as you heat it in the microwave, you can enjoy your own food, which is not only nutritious and healthy, but also saves a lot of time. So why not try to bring your own lunch in a lunch box?


There are all kinds of fresh-keeping boxes on the market, with different styles and very large price differences. How should we choose our own fresh-keeping boxes?

Skills of choosing a lunch box

1. Look at the material

Fresh-keeping boxes should contain our food, which is also very important to our health. We must choose non-toxic materials, and the appearance of excellent fresh-keeping boxes is transparent and shiny, without burrs. Common materials are PC material, PE material and PP material, and the heat-resistant glass fresh-keeping box is made of high borosilicate glass, which is of high quality and environmental protection.

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2. Heat resistance

A good fresh-keeping box can not only keep fresh and keep cold, but also put your own food in the refrigerator. It also has good heat resistance. It can be heated and eaten in the microwave oven. It won't boil in high-temperature water, or even boil in boiling water.

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3. Sealability

Once the fresh-keeping box is not properly sealed, the air will easily enter the food, which will breed bacteria, which is harmful to human body. A poorly sealed fresh-keeping box may also be stained with the taste of other foods and reduce the taste of food.

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4. Durability

Choose a fresh-keeping box made of better material, and it is not easy to break under heavy pressure.

Recommended lunch box

3 PCS high borosilicate glass food canister microwave oven safe glass bowl with customized decal design

Office worker: How to choose a lunch box?cid=3

This is a glass bowl set of three high borosilicate glass food cans, including a small bowl, a medium bowl and a large bowl. It is very convenient for soup, rice and vegetables. Moreover, the bowl set is made of high boron silicon material, which is very resistant to high temperature, and can be used in microwave oven or oven. The design of the lid is completely match with the bowl, so there is no need to worry about water leakage or air entry, and the sealing condition is very good. Click on the picture to jump to the link of the fresh-keeping box. Don't click to have a look?

Matters needing attention

Although the fresh-keeping box is the best option for holding meals, the following items can not be ignored when using the fresh-keeping box.

1. Seafood should not be put in the fresh-keeping box.

Fish and seafood are prone to produce protein degradation products after overnight, which will damage liver and kidney function.

2. The staple food is preferably rice. 

The heated rice can restore its original state, while the steamed bread is easy to dry.

3.Do not open the crisper from the refrigerator immediately, set it for 1-2 minutes before opening.

Office worker: How to choose a lunch box?cid=3

Ladies and gentlemen, there are so many basic considerations for choosing lunch boxes. I hope it will help you. For more information, you can find customer service consultation. And we are always here!