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Ordering elexctric bottle openers from GARBO to make a enjoyful drinking time

Pulished on Jan. 03, 2023

We often drink red wine at dinner or at parties, but the cork of red wine is often difficult to open. In order to simply open red wine, electric bottle openers are very popular now, so how do use electric bottle openers correctly? 


1. Charge the electric wine opener before use (the charging time is 8 to 10 hours). 

Use a paper cutter to remove the foil from the bottle before using the electric wine opener. 


2. Hold the bottle firmly with one hand and hold the main body of the bottle opener with the other, put the lower end of the main body of the opener on the mouth of the red wine bottle, and try to keep the main body of the opener straight with the mouth of the bottle. 

3. Press and hold the "open bottle" button under the electric wine opener, while pressing down slightly on the main body of the bottle opener. At this time, the screw drill will rotate clockwise and screw into the cork for about 6'8 seconds, and the opener will automatically plug the red wine into the cork. When the cork is completely pulled out, the bottle opener will automatically stop working, and the bottle opener can be released at this time to remove the bottle opener from the bottle. 

4. Hold the electric wine opener tightly, press the top "unplug" button, and hold it, and the spiral drill rotates counterclockwise. After about 5-7 seconds, the red wine cork will automatically withdraw from the bottle opener, release the button, and the whole process is over. You can enjoy the wine happily. 

5. This bottle opener can open standard red (white) wine bottles or other cork corks. 

Every time after using the electric wine opener, please put it back on the base, which can effectively protect the opener. 

Through the above introduction, do you know the use of the electric wine bottle opener? to use the electric bottle opener, just wrap the lower end of the bottle opener around the bottle mouth, start the switch drill and drill down until the plug is separated from the bottle mouth. 

Press and hold the other end of the switch again, and the electric drill will automatically push out the rear drill, and the cork will fall off. 

If you have an electric bottle opener, you can give it a try, which will help you open the wine more easily.