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Own a set of beautiful tableware, enjoy your life

Pulished on Feb. 20, 2020

Own a set of beautiful tableware, enjoy your life

Do you cook for yourself? Do you own a tableware with high quality and nice look?

Garbo now offers a range of hand painted porcelain tableware for your choice!

You need a set of beautiful tableware to enjoy your life. 

Own a set of beautiful tableware, enjoy your life

With the improvement of our living standards, all kinds of delicate and beautiful ceramic 

tableware are the new darlings in modern homes. They are not only edible tools, but also 

become part of home decoration. 

Own a set of beautiful tableware, enjoy your life

When you move to a new house, get married, or welcome the New Year, you must buy some beautiful a

nd qualified ceramic tableware as a gift or your own home. Today, ceramic tableware on the market 

are new in style and have a wide variety. 

So, how to choose ceramic tableware?

1.Choose from production methods

The production methods of ceramic tableware are divided into three types: on-glaze, under-glaze and medium-glaze. 

Our porcelain in Fuling is mainly based on under-glaze. The underglaze color surface is bright and soft, smooth and 

does not protrude, and looks bright and transparent. The color is well preserved under the transparent glaze, which is durable. ; 

On-glaze ceramics are rich in color, strong in three-dimensionality but low in surface smoothness, and easy to process, 

so the cost is correspondingly low. In addition to the different artistic effects of the above different decorative methods, 

the main difference is also in the content of heavy metal elements such as lead and cadmium. Among them, the content 

of lead and cadmium in glazes and underglazes and most of the glaze porcelains and white porcelains is very low, 

while glazes are second in this respect.

Own a set of beautiful tableware, enjoy your life

2.Choose from porcelain

When buying ceramic tableware, bone china and reinforced porcelain are preferred. Both are made of the finest tableware. 

Bone china is a kind of high-grade porcelain recognized in the world. It is a natural milky white, has high permeability, 

and is light and delicate. The formation and color formation of bone china mainly rely on silicon oxide, aluminum oxide 

and calcium oxide. The higher the content of calcium oxide, the better the color. In nature, there are not many sources 

of calcium oxide, and animal bone meals are often selected as the source of calcium oxide. When the bone powder 

content reaches a certain ratio, the porcelain quality will be greatly improved. This is mainly reflected in the gloss and 

moisturization of the utensils. White as jade and crystal moisturizing, it is an ideal product for various families.


There are 4 steps to check:


Is to carefully observe the porcelain up and down and inside and outside. See if the porcelain glazed surface is smooth, 

with or without scratches, pinholes, black spots, and bubbles; second, check whether the shape is regular and deformed; 

third, check whether the picture is damaged; .



Just listen to the sound made when you flick the porcelain. If the sound is crisp and pleasant, it means that the porcelain 

tire is fine and dense without cracks. When it is fired at high temperature, the porcelain is completely and the quality is better.



For matching porcelain, compare the accessories to see if their shapes and picture decoration are consistent.



That is, test cover, test installation, test. Some porcelains have lids, and some porcelains are composed of several components. 

When choosing porcelains, don't forget to test the lids and try to assemble the components to see if they are suitable.


Buy ceramic tableware, soak in vinegar water and boil it first. This will remove most of the toxic substances and greatly 

reduce the potential harm of ceramic tableware to the human body. Don't store acid food and juice, wine, coffee and 

other beverages with ceramic tableware for a long time. Because the longer the ceramic tableware holds acidic food or beverage, 

the higher the temperature, the easier it is to dissolve lead, which is equivalent to aggravating the toxic and side effects of lead dissolution.


Above all, do you know how to choose a ceramic tableware with beautiful and high quality?

Are you interested in buying such nice tableware?